Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Summer Fun List

It's summer!  Or darn close to it!  I swear we went straight from winter to summer.  Which isn't much of an exaggeration considering Sam isn't quite 3 months old and yet it snowed at least half of his first month.  And into his second.

Whenever we pack away summer and bring home the jet ski, getting through the fall-winter-spring, the holidays, etc. always makes the next summer feel SO far away.  And yet, they always seem to come back so fast!  Last September it seemed crazy that Luke would be FIVE when we were next back (besides closing) and here we are, two months past his birthday with school very very close.  And even with a new baby that we had no expectations of when we pulled that jet ski out of the water!

(I keep talking about how we had a surprise if we hadn't filled out all the paperwork and wrote the checks and very much put ourselves in a position to adopt.  But when you are waiting over THREE years it feels like it's never going to happen so getting a baby was very much a surprise, even though we made ourselves available for it).

This summer is going to be different than the last 4, partially due to Luke starting school in August but also because we have a baby that limits what we can do.  No family jet ski rides until next summer.  No family bike rides downtown.  No family kayak rides.  A lot of our favorite activities are put on hold for a year, or at least will just be part of our family.  But that's ok!  We are still so delighted to have Sam in our family.  Still doesn't always feel real!

(Just this morning I was laying in bed, procrastinating getting up.  Matt had gotten out of bed about 10 minutes earlier and had shut Luke's door on his way downstairs.  I wondered who was making noises since Luke's door was shut...then remembered there was a baby in our room.)

Even with a baby this is one of our clearest summers in a long time.  No vacations planned (we were just in New York last week!), no weddings (for the first time since we've been dating I think!).  Very few plans outside of lake trips!

 Summer Fun List


Jet ski ride with Mom, Dad, and Luke
We are up there often enough with other people that we should be able to get someone to hold Sam for 30 minutes so we can do a ride together.

Evening Zoo Trip
Our zoo does evening hours through the summer and it's our favorite time to go with smaller crowds and (usually) lower temps). 
Summer Reading Program
Luke and I both finished the library's program last year!  And Half Priced Books for Luke if they have theirs again!  (They are!)
Family Drive-In Trip
Matt & I (and Sam) have already been this season but not Luke!

Drive-In Date
Sam can come along, but no Luke.

TinCaps game
Our local minor league baseball team.

Pick Strawberries
Because they are best fresh.

Pick Blueberries

Cheap lake entertainment

Catch Lightning Bugs
We taught Luke about these last year and he loved it.

Host a Cookout Once a Month
We need to get better about inviting people over...

Breakfast Outside
We often eat lunch and supper outside but have never done breakfast.  Luke would love it.

(2017 Summer Fun List)

And exactly summer fun related (although I consider reading very fun) but the activities I would personally like to accomplish:

Read 10 Hours a Week
I track with toggl.  And summer reading is my favorite.

Post 10 Mixed Drink Monday Recipes
I know every week probably won't happen this summer.  But most weeks I hope to!

Post 10 Ice Cream of the Week Recipes

Replace Our Porch Ceiling Fan/Light
from my 18 in 18 list

Replace House Numbers

Make Macarons
And again, ditto.

Get Sam on a Schedule
Just in time for it to change when school starts but still he's getting old enough we can really start to work on one.

As for Matt, he'd like to finish Luke's swing set with a playhouse.  That's been planned for a long time!

Hoping for lots of fun, lots of relaxing, and maybe some getting things done this summer!  What FUN things are you hoping to do this summer??

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