Friday, June 1, 2018

Looking Back at May

This has been a crazy busy month.  I keep hearing it's the December of the spring (...or we could just say it's busy...) but we don't even have a kid in school and this month was super packed!  Very excited about our very open calendar in June!!

This month we spent 8 nights away from home, between our New York trip (more on that coming...eventually) and the lake.  Had 3 doctor's appointments (all routine stuff).  Had three days of babysitting.  I worked 4 mornings.  We had a day with back-to-back parties.  We celebrated Mother's Day and our anniversary (12 years!).  When I was texting with my sister at the end of April about a possible zoo trip in May I had two options all month.  Plus the whole, we have a pretty small baby thing too.  It's been BUSY.  Mostly good (other than that day with double doctor appointments for the boys with a combined 5 shots...) but busy.

Looking back:
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2 years ago: If I Could Write a Letter to Me... (a personal favorite of mine)
3 years ago: Attacking the Problem Areas: Painting (Inside) Kitchen Cabinets (I still need to finish these...)
4 years ago: Bathroom Update: The Toilet Has Landed (I cannot tell you how glad I am that this project is over, I might still be mentally scarred from it).
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1) Take your baby to work day!  It works for now...probably not in a few months! (Anyone local who wants to babysit??)
2) Enjoying these few months before Sam is mobile and Luke playing with Legos right in front of him isn't a choking hazard.
3) Prepping for summer Mixed Drink Mondays with drink mixes!
4) Drive-in date for our anniversary!  Those 1:30am finish times are a little tougher now.
5) And Sam's first trip!  He was fantastic - slept through both movies!
6) Spring!
7) And more spring!
8) Oh look, more!
9) LOVE that the sun is (usually) up before me!
10) Pretty flower before I killed it.
11) Making nutella turnovers like I always do around our anniversary.  SO easy and SO good.
12) More drink mixes...  I buy a lot of lemons and limes in the summer.
13) Back at the lake!  Exciting even if we didn't have running water the first ~16 hours there.
14) And back on the water!  We got the jet ski in!
15) And back to drinking margaritas at the lake.  I found a variety I hadn't made yet!
16) The lake wore him out.  Sleeping babies are THE BEST.

Books finished: 13, 75 for the year!
Things added to the garage sale pile: Only a handful, I feel another purge coming on...
Miles ran: 12.74 and almost every single one was super painful.  
Currently watching: Matt and I are watching American Ninja Warrior (the BEST thing on tv in the summer).  And maybe we'll FINALLY finish Lost this month???  We started that so long ago!
Most read post this month: Reflections on Mother's Day
Luke's current favorite song: I'm going to say Awesome God by Rich Mullins, because we do listen to that one almost daily.

New York was definitely a May highlight even though there's little mention of it here.  And the fact that it's summer!  YAY!!!

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