Friday, July 6, 2018

Looking Back at June

Happy July!  July is peak summer, and summer is the peak of the whole year, in my opinion.  It's been hot, we've been playing in the pool and eating popsicles and I've been reading a lot, all things that really make it feel like summer!  Looking back at June!

1) My pretty flowers, before they were picked.
2) Running in the heat is basically the only thing I don't like about the heat.  Or being stuck in traffic in it too, I guess.
3) Strawberry picking with a baby who FINALLY fell asleep!
4) And Luke did great too!  He got almost a pound!
5) Sunset at the drive-in, so summery!
6) All our picked strawberries, turning them into ice cream!
7) Hydrangeas are just so summery and lovely.
8) There was a neighborhood dog wandering outside.  Luke was scheming how to get it through the mail slot.  Since he knows there is no way Mom would let it through the door.
9) Flowers picked for me by my boy!
10) Sparklers at the lake!
11) We were at the lake with other people for the first time all year.  Matt took Luke swimming with cousins.  I stayed in the cottage with a sleeping baby.  I like people but I also don't protest too hard about staying behind sometimes.
12) And I did make it out to the water later.  Luke was in heaven with cousins around all day.
13) Burning our Christmas tree at the lake.  Most people hold onto those for 6 months, right???
14) Lake sunset.
15) Playing in the backyard pool.  This time Matt was inside with a sleeping baby and I was supervising (reading) next to the water.
16) And more reading in the backyard with a drink coming soon!

Looking back:
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2 years ago: The One Where Diana Hates Stain
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Books finished: 15, 90 for the year!

Miles ran: 29.9, I really wanted to hit 30 but my last run of the month was in 90° with high humidity and I felt like I was dying. Another minute of running just wasn't going to happen. 
Currently watching: We are SO close to finishing Lost, which I'm pretty sure I've been saying for months.  But we have about 3 episodes left right now so it's really true this time.  And, also, American Ninja Warrior which is the best of summer tv.
Most read post this month:
Quick Lit, followed by Traveling with a Two Month Old
Luke's current favorite song:
We listen to "Grandpa's rock n roll" which is a Summertime Gold playlist my sisters and I listened to on cassette a lot growing up that I now have on my phone.  It's all classics from the 50s and 60s and we always listen to it while playing in the backyard pool.  It's wonderful and summery.

Just the fact that it's summer is definitely a highlight of the month!  What about you?

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