Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Foot and adoption progress

Today has been a really good day for both my foot and the adoption.  First off...my foot.  Had a follow-up appointment at 10 this morning (which ended up being closer to 11).  Got all the dressing off my foot (there were a lot of layers) and got to see my incision for the first time.  Don't look if you are squeamish but it really isn't that bad.

My incision
See, didn't even gross me out.  You can still see my "yes" marking the right ankle and the "JD" is the doctor initialing it to show he agreed.  He was very pleased with how it was healing.  Said there is no infection and everything looks good.  This was the first I had talked to him since my surgery so he explained a little more what he had to do.  There are stitches in my tendon and he got rid of the scar tissue.  Said there was a lot of yellow stuff (??).  And my leg didn't even look gross but it was only closed up for 5 days, I heard horror stories from people who were casted much longer.

He put a light dressing over it and now I have a boot.  I am allowed to gradually put some weight on my foot but still use crutches to walk.  I go back again next week. 

The pain is getting a lot better.  I took my pills before getting up this morning and that was the last time.  It pulls occasionally but really isn't too bad.  If I can stay off the pain pills I won't need the nausea meds which put me to sleep.  That will be better for going back to work. 

Today is my last day at home which is sad.  Once I got the nausea under control being at home has been pretty nice.  Plus today is a just a gorgeous day, we've had blinds open since we've been home, the sun is out.  Really good day to be home. =)

Since we were both home and I was feeling mostly normal we got back to the adoption papers.  I think we made good progress today, finished filling out most of our papers.  Got our reference envelopes ready to go.  Made copies of our licenses, birth certificates, proof of auto insurance, proof of life insurance, copy of our marriage license.  I went through the checklist of everything that needs to be returned and we have about 2/3 done.  Still need to get finger printed, get a health exam, take online parenting classes, get credit reports, write the autobiography, get employment verification, and have a few forms notarized.  That's basically it.  Oh and scan in everything we filled out.  Our goal it to have it all back to Catholic Charities about the end of the month (we have until April 16th).  That'll give them some time to process all our background checks.

From what I've read a lot of people seem to get overwhelmed with the homestudy but that seems like an easier part.  We'll get interviewed and have to have our house spotless but it's the social worker who writes up that whole report.  We don't have anything to hide.  It seems fairly easy for us.  The big thing we have left is the autobiography but even that isn't scaring me as much as it was.  We hope to get through some of the other forms and take the online classes this weekend. 

Made it through surgery, made it through the bridal shower, feel on top of the whole adoption thing.  Life is slowly getting easier. =)


Erin.J.S said...

The foot doesn't look too bad. Is the yellow bruising or the iodine?

Didn't realize the list that people had to go through with paperwork. But it is understandable. But you are so good with the organization so I know that you'll be great!

diana said...

Iodine. I don't think I have any bruising but I haven't seen around the incision very much. It's still wrapped up inside my boot.

It's a lot of paperwork. We're getting through it. The first thing I did was organize everything into file folders. =)

DD said...

Ok, Monica =) Di, that's what that comment made me think of. I'm glad it's all coming together pretty quickly. How were the online parenting classes this weekend? I hope not a total bore.

diana said...

Haha...I didn't whip out the label maker...

So I thought they were online parenting classes but they were more of adoption orientation. We made it through 2 of the 4 we have to do. They were interesting. I know we're not going to remember all the information but it's a good introduction.