Monday, March 12, 2012


Seems like we made little progress on the paperwork the later part of last week and then in the last 24 hours we've gotten a lot done.  Relatively speaking.  We took those 2 classes last night and today found out we passed (yay!) so printed those certificates for our files.  Took another class tonight (The Journey of Attachment).  Just gotta pass this one and then take one more.  Then another thing we can check off the list.  I'm all about checking things off the list.

I filled out a form tonight about which agency we are working with.  Really not a big deal since we're only working with one (so far) but had to e-mail our social worker to see what to do with it so it just hadn't gotten done.  Still...another one to check off.

And then, the one that scared me the most, I finally got my work verification.  As in I had to tell them.  My boss was shocked.  My favorite part "What am I going to do without you?"  =)  I may complain about my job but, I think, I am pretty dang good at it (most of the time).  Anyways, he asked what that meant for my employment...I asked if we could talk about that after tax season.  Yeah.  Like I said, I know I complain about it will be hard leaving.  This summer will be 7 years and it's made me grow up a lot. 

So, now down to 8 things to check off.  Goal for this week: finish classes, finish asking for recommendations, schedule finger printing,  and print health ins. verification (speaking of health insurance, got my first bills for my MRI and surgery...yep...expensive 4 weeks of morning running).  Maybe get 2 forms notarized??  That'll leave us just the health exams (scheduled), finger printing (almost scheduled) and autobiographies.  We are getting there!!!

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