Monday, December 31, 2012


What a year this has been.   Looking back at the last 12 is at such a different place now.  A huge year of transition for us.  The first half of the year was dominated by my foot problems, adoption, and Europe planning & the actual trip.  The second half has been transition on a lot of things.  An attempt at a recap:

Attended our first reception only wedding of the year.  My physical therapists told me I needed to have a doctor look at my foot.  Called Catholic Charities to begin the adoption process.  Watched Emerson & Adayla overnight.  Appreciated sleep more afterwards. 

Had adoption intake meeting to official start the process.  Found out I needed foot surgery.  Booked our flights to Ireland.  Went skiing 5 days before I had foot surgery.  Had our 1st nephew born of the spring.  Tied for 1st at St. Jude trivia night.

March 1st - foot surgery.  Spent the better part of the month on the couch or crutches.  Threw bridal shower for my sister.  Told everyone about the adoption.  Booked our first Europe B&Bs.  Booked train to Paris.  Had 2nd nephew born of the spring.  Turned in adoption paperwork (40 days after getting it, they said the quickest ever!).  Discovered Friday Night Lights.  Made first drive-in trip of the year. 

Had 3rd nephew born of the spring.  Wore 2 shoes for the first time in almost 2 months.  Had first adoption homestudy meeting.  Finished booking Europe trip.  

Celebrated 6 years of marriage.  Had first cousin wedding of the year.  Had bachelorette night for Kat.  Made first lake trip of the year.  Had second & final homestudy visit.  Became godparents to our first godson.  Watched Erin graduate from IPFW.  Made donuts for the first time (Denise would probably agree this is memorable).  WENT TO EUROPE (that deserves all caps)

Home from Europe.  Kat & Johnathan got married (honestly, probably in the top 10 best days of my life).  Got officially listed with Catholic Charities.  Put jet skis in at the lake.  Became godparents to our second godson.  Lost power for 3 days.

Celebrated the 4th of July, our 10 year dating anniversary, and my birthday.   Went on our annual family camping trip in about 100 heat.  Bought kayaks.  Olympics started.  Had 2nd cousin wedding of the summer.

Traded in my car for the Mazda. =(  Had 3rd, and final, cousin wedding of the summer.  Matt finished karate.  Matt went back to school to finish his bachelor's.  My Dad spent too much time in the hospital.  Got a stone stuck in the jet ski intake.  Jeep lost the gas tank (that was one crappy week).

Celebrated end of summer with Labor Day weekend at the lake. Bought a crib.  Went camping in southern Indiana with my sister & her family.  Visited Ang at Dwenger on her 18th birthday.  Got put back into the boot since my foot wasn't healing.  Began a super long stretch of doctor appointments.

Celebrated Matt's birthday.  Bought a new (to us) jet ski.  Visited Kat & Johnathan in Indy.  Had our 2nd reception only wedding celebration of the year.  I went to Ohio to visit UD and friends.  Brought our old 2 jet skis home in the crappiest lake weather I've ever experienced.  I started my Christmas baking and my DIY kitchen work.  Matt officially resigned from St. Joe after 7+ years.  Contacted Lutheran Social Services to get listed with them.

Celebrated Thanksgiving with 3 branches of our families.  Went to Dwenger for Ang's last grandparents' day.  Went to the Carrie Underwood/Hunter Hayes concert with Kat & Ang.  Closed the lake.  Visited my grandparents with Denise + kids.  Had homestudy visit with Lutheran Social Services. 

Celebrated Christmas almost more times than I can count.  Went on second ski trip in the year of my bad foot.  Finished my Christmas baking with more treats than 2 people can easily eat.  Went to the Holiday Pops concert.  Wore my 5inch glitter heels for the first time since surgery.  Lost our dear old neighbor.

Good job if you read all that!!  Haha.  Ending the year with a different car, different jet ski, different job situations, in the middle of the adoption process, I have a new scar, we have a lot of new passport stamps, Matt's done with karate and back in school.  Feels like almost everything that could have changed, did.  The one thing all this has made us realize is how blessed we are to have all you in our lives.  That has been one of the joys of the year.  So thank you, for everything.

Here's hoping our lives reallllly change in 2013. =)  

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