Sunday, April 21, 2013

Thoughts of a first time parent

Amazing how much a 7 lb person can completely change your life.  We've officially been parents for 13 days and it's incredible how fast it has all gone already.  Some thoughts/memories I want to remember:

1) When we signed the papers on 4/9 we immediately went up to his NICU room and everything had changed already.  We got "mother" and "father" name tags, we could come and go as much as we wanted, we got to talk to doctors and nurses, everything was different.  Just a few signatures made him ours.

2) Luke was in the NICU 2 full days after we signed.  I would go visit him in the morning and Matt would come over his lunch break.  I would do at least one feeding and then run errands/work on things around the house in the afternoon.  In the evening we would go back together. I think it was Wednesday evening when we were walking to his room we heard him crying from a few doors down and we both knew right away it was Luke.  Probably one of the first times we really felt like parents.

3)  In the hospital on the 9th I told Luke we were taking him home that day and he smiled at me.  I know it's probably a coincidence but I like to think he knew what that meant.

4) Somehow Matt wakes up better to his noises in the night than I do.  If you know how deep Matt can sleep this will amaze you too.  Matt's also been pretty incredible about getting up with him in the middle of the night.  Last night he had 2 different 2 hours up with him...and I slept right through it.  My boys are pretty great. =)

5) It's amazing how fast you can adjust to little/crappier sleep.  And get used to getting peed on.

6) I've been organizing NYC pics and it amazes me to look at them knowing that when we left home we didn't know about him, by the time the trip was over we knew our son was waiting for us.  It's incredible how fast life changed.  Looking through the pictures I can also tell you exactly what was going on, Luke wise, at every single point.  I'm looking forward to taking him to NYC someday and showing him all these significant places in his story.

7) It's strange how much and how little life changed.  Yes, we sleep less and our plans for the day can change quickly based on how he is doing or what he needs.  But we still have both had time to work on projects, I've still gone to Target multiple times, I've still been baking baguettes.  Life completely changed but parts are still exactly the same.

8)  I realized the other day that I'll probably look back on these first 2 weeks of being a family of 3 as some of the happiest of my life.  Or most blissful.  I get to be home most of the day with my two boys and nothing makes me happier.

9) I don't think I've ever had as much faith in God's plan as I do right now.  Every time I look at him  I know he was meant to be ours and we were meant to be his parents.  All these years of waiting were for him.  I thought once we got our first baby I'd immediately be anxious for the next one (since we both always dreamed of a big family).  But looking at him and knowing how it all worked out to get him...I'm ok with trusting God and His plan.  It'll probably be a lot easier the second time around.  

 And because all posts are better with a Luke picture:

cutest baby ever
This is during tummy time on Saturday morning.  He tolerates tummy time ok but doesn't love it.  We're working on it. =)


Lauren said...

#5 - SO agree! Although being peed on is still weird, it's not like, unusual anymore. lol

Anonymous said...

I like that you are making bread still. Not at all for selfish reasons, of course.

I always want to kick myself for doubting God's plan because it ALWAYS works out better than expected. I thin kI need to remind myself of that right now, too.