Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things I like - August

1. The Backstreet Boys

Ahhhh...where to start on this one. =)  Well they make the list right now because they had a new CD come out on 7/30 (which "Luke" got me for my birthday).  It's been in heavy rotation on my phone/iTunes ever since.  Sounds like old school BSB but grown up.  Honestly I think it's one of their better albums.  If you don't like them yet I'm certainly not going to convince you to give them a try.  But I still like them and I really enjoy this CD.  Even listening to their new songs brings back all sort of happy memories of my teenage years.

2.  Southwest Ohio

Yeah, I know.  This one is a little weird.  Around this time of year I get nostalgic about my time spent in Dayton.  I was not the most enthusiastic person about moving back to UD each year (especially once Matt & I started dating) but there was always this wonderful fresh start feeling at the beginning of a school year.  I remember the freedom I felt when I first moved down there for freshman year, the sense of adventure.  Fall is such a lovely time anyways but being down there for a new year just added to it.  I have happy fall memories in Dayton and I always think back on that this time of year.

For 8 years, Matt & I spent the Saturday after Labor Day at Kings Island (near Cincinnati) thanks to his brothers that worked at GE (that was GE day).  We started my junior year of college and went until a couple years ago.  Those were always happy days.  It got to the point where we went so much I knew the place like the back of my hand.  We went by ourselves a few times , with various members of his family, and my sister (who was going to Xavier at the time) twice.  I have multiple pictures like the above, of Matt & I at the top of the Eiffel Tower.  Happy happy times.

Now I need to get working on my next trip to the area this fall.  Luke has some people to meet. =)

3. God Found Us You

I don't know where/how I originally heard of this book but I did from somewhere and put it on our baby registry without having ever read it.  My Mom gave it to us and warned me that I would cry.  Seeing as when we got Luke I was very emotional and crying practically every day, that wouldn't be out of the norm.  But she (as Moms usually are) was right.  I read it shortly after receiving it and sobbed.  Just this week I read it to Luke the first time and I only got to page 2 before the tears started.

It's a mama fox telling her baby fox the story of how they got him.   How the Mama waited and waited and waited.  How the baby fox was born to a different mama and she couldn't care for him so she found a family that could.  Then they found each other and she would be his forever mama.  It's a fantastic adoption book.  If you ever know of anyone adopting, get them this book.  Seriously.  It's just wonderful. 

(There is also a pregnancy one called God Gave Us You.)

4. Naked and Afraid

We call this "the naked show" around here.  It aired 6 episodes on Discovery and we were able to watch 3 online.  They send 2 people, 1 man, 1 woman, into the jungle or some other horrible place, for 21 days with no food, no water, or no clothes.  They are each allowed 1 survival item (like a knife or pot for water) and that's it.  There is a camera crew following them.  It's incredibly fascinating.  They blur bits so butts is the most you see (nudity wise).  It took probably 2 episodes to get past the naked part.  After the first episode I was so disgusted I didn't know if I could watch another...then I kept thinking about it the next day.  It's both fascinating and horrifying.  They spend a lot of time just complaining about being hungry and thirsty but I would be doing the same in their situation (and probably a lot sooner and a lot louder).  If you are at all interested in survivalist shows you should try this one. 

5. My morning glories

I know what morning glories are because of the dear neighbors we had growing up.  They had the blue ones growing on a trellis that faced our garage and they always seemed to start blooming around my birthday.  Since blue is my favorite color they seemed to bloom just for me.  The first Christmas we were married Matt made me a trellis and we've been growing morning glories every since.  I get very excited when they start climbing in early summer and really really excited when they bloom (although it's not always around my birthday).  This is the first year in many that my blue ones have actually bloomed.  I happy squealed when I saw that on Sunday morning.  It makes me happy to look out the kitchen window or walk to the garage and see my morning glories blooming and climbing.  Probably my favorite flower?  At least right now, while they are blooming so much they are!

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