Monday, March 24, 2014

Top Five...places I want to visit (international)

1) New Zealand

From what I've seen New Zealand is gorgeous.  The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies might have something to do with my thinking on this.  Especially The Hobbit, that movie was like one long commercial for New Zealand.  Gorgeous mountains, lakes, meadows, coasts...everything I've seen looks amazing.  It's #1 on my "places I want to visit anywhere in the world" list, just to see the splendor in person.

2) Australia

Australia really is the other side of the world from here.  Two of my favorite Instagram feeds mostly take place around this continent.  And again, everything looks so amazing or least very different from home.  They have a gorgeous coast but then the Outback.  Some day we'll go, see the Sydney Opera House and all the stars in the Outback.   I've long wanted to go here but it's not in the budget now, or anytime soon (we've looked into flights in the past...crazy expensive!). 

3) Austria
I have wanted to go to Austria since I first fell in love with The Sound of Music about 20 years ago.  The mountains, meadows, and the quaint villages nestled in each.  I want to go to Salzburg and see The Sound of Music sites (my sister did this a few years ago...a postcard wasn't close enough!).    If we ever make it back to Europe this part of the continent would be where I went first.

4) Switzerland

I want to see the Alps.  I want to frolic in a mountain meadow.  Skiing in the Alps would be the ultimate.  Someday.  (I'd be fine if the skiing part never happens but I really do hope to frolic there someday.)

5)   Greece
Mamma Mia has a lot to do with this one being on my list.  And the fact that it's so blue there.  (My favorite color since forever.)  I love the blue & white buildings contrasted against the gorgeous water.  Just amazing.  Think we could fit this in with Austria and Switzerland??  Maybe.  I would make it happen.


Erin Heckber said...

Ha! My co-worker just left for a two week vacation to New Zealand! Her husband is from New Zealand and they haven't been there in over 12 years. Her just talking about it makes me want to go! She said that if you had to pick she would pick New Zealand over Australia, because New Zealand has the tropics, desert, mountains, and everything between.

But I like your list. Covers the nice places. I agree frolicking in the alps would be fun. I feel like there is some Christ inspired post too along with Sound of Music!

diana said...

Jealous!! We looked at plane prices before Europe but NZ was so much more and a longer flight. Maybe someday. =)

Yes! Until Tomorrow is a great travel inspiration book!!