Friday, July 4, 2014

Bathroom update: WE HAVE A SHOWER

Happy 4th of July!  To celebrate we have have declared independence from using other people's showers.  (Pushing it to connect today and our bathroom project??)  That's right, after 6 1/2 weeks we have a functioning shower.  It feels pretty fancy being able to shower in our own house again.  

bathroom is too small to get a good picture so if you want the full effect you'll have to come see it in person.  Preferably with your own sanding tools, thank you.
The tiling process was pretty horrible (and I didn't do much of it).  It took Matt 4 evenings to get it all the tile up. He finished last Thursday and then let it sit while we went to the lake for the weekend (he had earned a break after all the tiling stress).  Sunday night we grouted and that actually wasn't too bad.  I even helped once Luke was in bed.  Matt did the grouting and I helped sponge it off which I thought was fun because it was basically cleaning. 

grouted on the right, waiting on the left

ohhhhhh pretty
The grout had to dry for 24 hours and then Matt applied a sealer on Monday night.  So Tuesday night he took the inaugural shower.  Luke is also back to bathing in his tub in the tub which might save our basement carpet (or it might be too wet to ever be saved).  He even seems fascinated by the new shower because every time he bathes he's petting the tile.  He's more interested in that than his bath toys! 

We've been mudding and sanding this week since the tile is done.  I don't mind mudding but the sanding inbetween sucks.  Basically we'll get to a point where we'll just give up.  We could go 8 rounds and it still wouldn't look perfect.  I don't know when we'll reach that point.  We finally bought paint and I am optimistic that we could start on that within a week.  That would be amazing!!  Once the walls are done the toilet bowl can go in, I get the diaper sprayer back, the vanity will go in, and the mirrors up.  After that it's just finishing touches and our house will go back to normal!  I might be as excited to clean up all the messes as I am to have a fully functioning bathroom.
Partially mudded bathroom walls

Kinda looks like they have the chicken pox
I had hoped we'd be done by my birthday at the end of July and it's looking very good that that will happen.  After 8+ years of planning and dreading this project it's amazing to finally have the end in sight.  And take a shower.  Oh....showering.  I feel so fancy.


Lauren said...

YAY A SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

diana said...

It's been a week and I'm still super excited every day!