Thursday, July 24, 2014

Things I Like - July

1.  Crocheted turtle

Recently my sister finished crocheting this turtle that I had asked her to make.  (My crotchet skills don't extend beyond a long straight line.)  And it is absolutely adorable. 

I mean, look at that cuteness.  My own cute little guy will point to it and say "turtle", trying to each it from where it lives, out of his reach (there is a reason for that).  He only gets to play with it once in awhile.  (Pattern from here.)

2. Aldi Samoa cookies
When I was shopping for vacation food last month I came across these cookies on a very rare look at the cookie section (family camping trips and vacations are generally the only times I buy cookies).  Speaking as a 1991 Girl Scout of the Year, Samoas have always been my favorite one of the cookies.  These turned out to be an amazingly close copy of those (this blog author says they are the closest GS copy she has found).  Really, they are indentical AND for half the price (I think they were around $1.79) AND, so far, available year round.  If you don't shop at Aldi (and why not??), it is worth the trip just to get these.  There might be a packet I am hoarding in the cupboard right now...

3.  Babyproofing Your Marriage

I feel a little weird posting about this one because it makes it looks like we are having marital problems since Luke arrived (we aren't).  It's more about the unexpected stress & strain a baby can put on even the best marriages.  I laughed quite a few times, nodded my head often.  There are some conversations in there I swear we've had word for word.  It certainly gave me a lot to think about.  I'd highly recomend it for anyone with young kids.  If you don't have kids, don't read it.  It might scare you.  But for parents, it's nice hearing that maybe we are a little more normal than we thought.

4. Comic Book signs

I've never read a comic book in my life, I don't know that Matt has either, but on a recent trip to Hobby Lobby we were distracted by these signs when we were supposed to looking for hooks.  These are pretty cool.  They are metal (of some kind) recreations of comic book covers.  I wish they had the year on them but the Captain America one sold for 12 cents and Star Wars for 35.  I think they will go in Luke's room but we need to figure out a spot.  We got the Star Wars one for obvious reasons (although, I don't think we are as big of Star Wars fans as everyone assumes...I've haven't made it through movies 1, 4, 5, or 6 awake yet and most of my knowledge comes from playing the Lego video games.).  Captain America is my favorite of the Avengers and we had just watched the first movie the night before this shopping trip.  They also had more covers for each (we were tempted by a Star Wars Millennium Falcon one).  They retailed for $17.99 but were 50% off (never buy anything there full price!).

5. Flamingo and other free printables

I don't want to post an image here but, through another blog, I just found these free printables and there are quite a few I am considering, especially the flamingo one.  Love free finds!


Jen said...

Not trying to toot my own horn, but I can't get over how cute the turtle is either!

diana said...

I'll toot it for you!