Wednesday, September 17, 2014

After 8 years we finally have a white tv stand

old tv stand

When we bought our tv stand 8+ years ago we planned to paint it white to match the coffee and end tables instead of the off-white it currently was.  Shocker, that never happened.  We have been watching Craigslist for awhile, looking for a dresser we could make over instead but we never found anything we liked in our price range.  Then before we went to IKEA a few weeks ago Matt asked if they had anything we could use as a tv stand.

We ended up on this IKEA PS Cabinet.  I initially wasn't sold on it's locker look but then the more I thought about it the more we decided it was perfect: 

1) It is white.
2) It is not particle board.
3) It is big enough to hold our tv and has storage.
4) It was under $100.
5) It LOCKS.

It's that last one that was really the huge selling point.  Luke is in this lovely stage where he gets into EVERYTHING.  Everything.  He hasn't figured out the cupboard door baby proofing yet but that doesn't work on everything.  Having something we could lock and keep him out of completely sounded a-mazing.
The white computer box is our DVR computer that Matt built.
Green basket holds the remotes and PS3 controller (used for watching Netflix on the PS3).  The blue basket holds the lessor used game controllers and rechargeable batteries.

So we picked it up at IKEA.  It's price was an extra bonus because it got us free lunch (and maybe some chocolate bars still in the freezer) for being over $100.  Matt had it set up that night after we got home (no problems with the infamous IKEA directions yet!) and we filled it the next night.

Another really nice part?  We sold a desk we had briefly considered turning into a tv stand and our old tv stand for a total of $75 which made this new one only $30 after tax.  Not a bad deal.  Luke knows it needs a key to open and he knows where the key is kept BUT he cannot open the cabinet with the key and, even if he could, he's too short to reach it.  It's so so nice having one less thing to keep him out of!

For $30 and very little work this is a very nice upgrade to our family room.   Only downside is how much more visible that vent is under it but so far Luke hasn't tried to drop anything down it!

I love when little, easy changes and make such a big difference.


Lauren said...

Looks amazing! I am so jealous that it can lock. SO AMAZING. I totally feel you. I was trying to think of a good "babyproofing" solution for the floor vent and I found some online! One of them is just to wrap the grate with tulle:
The other more involved one makes a "net" to catch objects with window screening:

Just thought I'd share!!!

diana said...

Oh that tulle one is very easy and barely noticeable!! We might have to do something like that!