Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Helpful hints: getting rid of fruit flies

It all started with the compost.  We keep our interim compost bucket in the mudroom and empty it about once a week.  (side note: our mudroom doesn't smell the best since it gets afternoon sun and that's where we keep the compost bin and the trash can of disposable diapers.)  Somehow it got fruit flies which isn't too shocking since the not yet composted compost is right up their alley, if fruit flies were to have an alley.  It was getting pretty bad and all our other attempts to get rid of them weren't working.

Then I found a trap that worked and has pretty much cleared up the problems.  No more fruit flies in the mudroom is pretty amazing.  It was basic, with just some staples and some time.

You will need:
-open container of some sort (these are all from the recycling bin - the freezer box doesn't have a matching lid, bummed that from my Mom since most of my containers are full and in the deep freeze)
-apple cider vinegar
-dish soap
-hot water

Put about 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar in the bottom of your container.  Add some dish soap and top with hot water.  You want the bubbles to fill the opening of the container.  Apparently they are attracted to the apple cider vinegar but then get stuck and die in the bubbles.  Refill as needed.

I set out 3 traps in 3 different places (mud room, kitchen, and back steps where the compost bin was airing out).  I refresh the traps about once a day and they have really cleaned up the fruit fly mess.  This was on about day 3 of having the traps out and look at all the nasty bugs:


The first day was much worse.  Pretty gross to think about sharing our home with that many bugs!


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