Monday, November 24, 2014

A Day in the Life #3 (Luke 1½)

Are a play by play of my days of a stay-at-home mom interesting to anyone besides me?  Probably not.  This is the 3rd time I've done this (hence the title) and I'm surprised looking back at the past two.  Luke's growing and our schedules change to keep up, usually when there is a change to his sleeping times.  My first one, about a year ago, Luke took 3 naps a day.  Six months ago it was shortly after we went from two to one (for him, no naps for me, unfortunately).  We were also in the middle of the bathroom project 6 months ago which realllllly changed things around here. 

Here's last Friday, November 21st.

7am - Get up after hitting snooze for a solid 45 minutes.  Change into workout clothes.
7:10am - work out in the basement while watching some Grey's Anatomy on Netflix (for a year now I've been reworking through the whole series while working out...still only on season 7 and 11 is currently airing!).  Matt gets up and leaves for work while I am working out.
7:55am - back upstairs to shower and get dressed.  Luke is awake so after I do the bare minimum - clothes, deorderant, face moisterizer, and throw some hair cream in my hair.
8:10am - Get Luke up, changed, and dressed.  We play in his room a bit, something he wants to do as soon as we get him out of bed.
8:30am - Breakfast for both of us.  I have cereal.  Luke eats sausage and part of banana and mooches some of my cereal from me.
8:45am - breakfast over, I finish getting around (make-up and brush teeth) while Luke is all over the place.  He likes to "brush" his teeth too.  I chase him down a few times.
9:00am - clean up various things around the house, including whatever Luke has most recently gotten into.  He's pretty good about helping when I ask him to.
9:25am - We read some books together. I don't remember which ones.
9:40am - I vacuum the downstairs carpet.  Luke mostly hangs out on the couch with his lemur.
10:00am - Snack time for both of us.  I have a muffin which Luke steals part of.  He ate part of banana too.
10:10am - I work on a redecorating project I've decided needs done.  Play with Luke.  Dust parts of the downstairs.
10:45am - We make chocolate chip cookies to celebrate our first full day home in almost 2 weeks.  Or I make the cookies and Luke makes a mess in the kitchen.
 We also mix up some dough for a Christmas treat so it can chill for a few hours before baking.
12:15pm - Lunchtime for Luke, diaper change, a few cuddles, and then naptime.  With so many days out of the house it is so nice to be back to normal naptime schedule. 
12:40pm - I clean up the kitchen, do dishes from baking, etc.
12:50pm - I eat lunch (leftover homemade potato soup from the night before) while watching the Grey's Anatomy "mid-season finale" from the previous night.  Shocking things happen.  (some sarcasm there)
1:40pm - I go on my computer to work on blog, catch up on some blog reading, check Facebook, do some online clothes browsing.   I love naptime.
2:30pm - Luke is awake.  He frequently throws all his animals out of his bed except lemur.  We play in his room.
3:30pm - Snacktime downstairs.  Obviously eating freshly made chocolate chip cookies from this morning.  Luke approves.

I also start a new batch of vanilla extract and start working with the cookie dough we made that morning.  Luke watches me roll out dough and mostly plays well nearby.
5:00pm - Cookies in the oven.  We play and read books, waiting for Daddy to get home.
5:30pm - Daddy is home.  He changes and then, once cookies are on cooling racks, all walk down to the library together.  I have a stack of books to pick up on hold and we get a movie to watch later.
5:50pm - We eat supper (leftovers).  Luke and Daddy play with K-Nex together while I clean-up the kitchen.  I join them when the kitchen is clean.
6:15pm - My parents are over for a visit with dessert.  Luke is very happy to have people over.  He shows off his various tricks and laughs a lot before bath and bedtime.

That's about where I stopped keeping track.  No need to make you jealous of our super exciting Friday night plans.

I like doing these because I like seeing how our days change and how Luke's schedule changes.  It's hard to find a "normal" day though with work, playdates, errands, appointments, etc.  There doesn't seem to be many days since I've been walking that we are actually home all day!  Who knows what life will be like in another 6 months!

Day in a Life 1 - November 2013 (Luke 7 1/2 months)
Day in a Life 2 - June 2014 (Luke 14 months)

P.S. Completely unrelated but I'm thinking about switching comments to using Disqus instead of the standard blogger comments.  You wouldn't need a google account to comment and you get a notification when you get a reply.  Many of my favorite blogs use it and I like it better.  Let me know if you have strong feelings on the matter.

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