Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Looking back at April

Spring is here (most of the time) for real!  We spent a lot of time outside, playing, eating, and going on family bike rides.  It's a beautiful time of year!

1) Turning his Duplo ambulance into an ice cream truck.  Priorities.
2) Holy Saturday ice cream cone from the neighbors.  Luke still talks about this and "neighbors ice cream.  Thank you, neighbors.  Welcome." (Neighbors gave me ice cream, thank you, neighbors.  You're welcome.)
3) Tiny bit of cuddling with my little boy on Easter, between sugar highs.
4) This is why Luke is normally in a cart at Target.  If he walks he gets a little too into "helping".
5) My happy, sweet little boy.
6) Spring bike ride!  We do as many evening and weekend rides as the weather and our schedules allow!
7) Luke "helping" Dad build an adirondack chair for our godson.  Now just waiting for Matt to build ones for our yard!
8) Hugging the puppy at Old Navy (like I said, we've been there often lately).   Luke calls it the puppy store and points it out as soon as we turn into the shopping center.  Although the puppy wasn't out on our last visit.  =(
9) Coloring on his (my) Big Bird bike on a sunny spring day.
10) Happy post-nap time snack outside.  We are often outside from when Luke wakes up until Daddy gets home (and then through supper if we're lucky!).
11) Playing with Duplos on the porch after a long morning away from home.  It was past lunch and nap time at this point but so hard to distrurb him when he's playing so well!
12) My daffodils are making up for all my tulips that got eaten by squirrels.  I have so many of these all of a sudden!
13) Visiting aunt Ang in Indy on a rather chilly and windy day!  Luke was pretty excited to hang out with his "favorite" aunt and ride the moving stairs!
14) This is where you'll find me pretty much every Sunday naptime.  On the porch, reading, usually an ice tea by my side.
15) Tiny bit of a pretty sunset from the backyard. 
16) Luke doing "cizes" (exercises) with me at PT.  It's not horrible having him along, once he stops screaming. =)

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