Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Five: completely frivolous birthday list

1) Striped Weekender Handbag
I use my trusty Vera Bradley duffle bag my parents gave me for my high school graduation for pretty much every over night that doesn't involve flying (which really doesn't happen anymore).  It's served me well for a long time.  If I was looking to upgrade/change it out though...oh pretties.  I don't know if this is as big as my Vera so maybe not for longer trips but for a lake weekend, this would work (since I've already admitted to being all nautical inspired up there).

2) Flamingo shirt
I think I've gotten my short sleeved shirts down to the perfect number - enough to last between washes and ones I actually like.  But if I needed another...I've also admitted my flamingo love here.
3) Blue bottle
If you've been to our house and been very observant, you may have noticed we have a lot of blue glass things.  Some are wine bottles from wine we've actually consumed (and I'd NEVER buy wine solely based on the bottle color.  NEVER.).  Others are ones we (I) have accumulated over the last few years.  I certainly don't need another (especially a $55 one) but it sure is pretty.
4) Garden Stool
I've come close to buying this multiple times this summer as we've worked on our backyard but haven't been able to convince myself it's a necessary purchase.  We budgeted for the yard project and it would probably fit...but then I told myself anything we were under could go to our dream fund and so I've been able to hold off.  Maybe if I could get one on clearance...
5) Striped Canvas Tote
I've reduced my tote collection quite a bit (to like one, not counting the bag I pack Luke's stuff in for overnights) but this one sure is pretty.  I don't need it but I sure do like it. 

Honestly, I've been working so hard on getting rid of things and trying to only buy what we need that it was hard to find things I'd want for my birthday, without any guilt of not needing it.  Maybe all this purging is paying off!

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