Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Five: Fab Flamingos

Flamingos have long been "my animals".  For the sake of our family, Matt's a turtle, Luke's a dinosaur, and I'm a flamingo.  I've already picked one for next baby, although if we do get a girl there will be plenty of flamingo things too.  I might already have a small stash going.  I don't like all flamingo merchandise, I don't collect it, but I gravitate towards that sometimes, especially in the summer.  We (I) already own two flamingo beach towels (I can't explain it), two different types of cups (seen here), a flamingo shirt, an iPhone case, a few frames, and this glass flamingo we bought while vacationing in the Outer Banks.

While typing out that list it occurred to me that I might already have enough flamingo things.  (To reiterate, I really don't collect them!). are a few more things that have caught my internet browsing eye...

1) Kate Spade Flamingo Harmony Diaper Bag
2) Kate Spade Flamingo Applique Cali 
3) Printed Village Flamingo Scarf
4) "Be a Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons" print (seriously considering buying this one soon)
5) Martha Stewart Whim Collection Flamingo Sheets

My birthday is next month.  Just FYI! =) 

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