Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Five: Lego sets I would like to buy myself

OR Lego sets I would have wanted 15 years ago
OR Lego sets I would have seriously considered buying for Luke's birthday if he was just a few years older

I've mentioned more than once our love of Legos.  Matt and I both grew up playing Legos and we still talk about how wonderful it was when he found a big tub of Legos at a garage sale for $5 the first summer we were married.  There were no boxes and only few instructions but it turned out to be mostly Star Wars and Harry Potter Legos that would have cost near $1,000 originally.  That was a fun summer.  And then there was all the times we bought Star Wars Lego sets, even his and her sets because we didn't want to share.  And then we had our great Lego rebuild last winter when we had all mine and my sisters' old Legos and built many of my sets (and some of theirs too).  Very enjoyable weekend nights.

Luke plays with his Duplos a lot but he knows what Legos are and thinks getting to play with a few of Matt's planes or car is a big (closely supervised) treat.  Whenever we are at Target and walking in the back aisle he always wants to stop and look at the Legos and Duplos (and he knows the difference).  We will most definitely be buying him (and probably our godsons too) sets in a few years.

If all those little boys were ready for sets now, or if I was saving up my allowance 20 years ago, these are some of the sets I would consider.  So many cool ones!

1) Lego Camper Van

My sister had a Playmobil camper which I always thought was pretty cool.  This one is Legos and has so many cool details!  And a Lego canoe!  And doors open!

2). Lego Beach Hut
I definitely would have wanted this one 20 years ago (and still now).  Look how cute it is!  A little beach hut, I've always loved the beach.  We played Legos like many kids played Barbies, with names, back stories, little toys.  I would have done that here too.

3). Lego Treehouse
Tree houses are just really cool, in real life and in Lego form.  There is just no arguing with that, it's fact.  

4) Lego Family House
This covers all the best about Lego - a fully built set that is also a house you can play in! With a garage even!  And a terrace!  And I wouldn't mind living in that house for real (preferably with a little more space).  And it lights up!  It's a little pricier so I doubt I'd ever buy it, but it's pretty cool.  

5) Lego Dolphin Pointe

Truthfully, this is a set I wanted 20 years ago but never got.  It's the one that got away.  My sisters and I had many (most) of the Paradisa set (Matt totally missed out by never having a pink spiral Lego staircase) and I remember seeing this in a catalog and wanting it.  With a dolphin even!  It's obviously not sold in stores anymore, probably only on eBay where it is likely expensive.  If I won the lottery or a big chunk of money I would buy it though. 

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