Friday, August 28, 2015

Things I Like - August

1) Old Navy Plaid Infinity Scarf
I kinda hate that I'm posting about this IN AUGUST when it's still summer and kids are just getting back to school.  We still have some lake trips ahead of us and I hope we are still WEEKS away from actual fall weather.  That said...I have started watching deals on some fall clothes, deciding what I want to spend my precious allowance money on in the next few months, and buying a few things when the price is right.

One of those things is this plaid scarf from Old Navy.  I already have it; it's upstairs in my closet.  It's a light scarf so it'll work as soon as the weather starts to turn but still looks plenty fall-y.  And it's blue and green which is basically the perfect color combination and what makes up most of my closet, beyond neutrals.  I think this is going to get a lot of wear.  And I got it 40% + credit card rewards  I already know I'll be wearing it with this grey Old Navy dress (posted about here) which I also got on sale and credit card rewards and all that.  And jeans.  And maybe a lot.

2) Michigan Black Bear Ice Cream

To counter's some ice cream.  I first had this a few years ago at a local ice cream store but hadn't seen it anywhere since (to be fair, we don't go out for ice cream much).  Then a random ice cream run up at the lake had it and it's now my favorite.  It has a rich red raspberry sauce and chocolate black raspberry cups swirled in homemade vanilla ice cream.  It's basically amazing.  I love chocolate but even all chocolate ice cream can be a bit much for me at times.  This was a good in between.  If you ever see it, try it.  I think we'll be making another ice cream run up there before the summer and lake season is over.

3) I Know How She Does It

This was a fascinating book to read and really made me feel like I can and should be better about structuring my days.  The author had mothers who make $100,000+ track how they spent their time over the course of a week and then gathered all that information to figure out how they can have a career, family, and sanity.  I've long believed that you can and will make time for the things that matter most to you and this proved that over and over again.  The work-balance part didn't affect me a whole lot since my 3 hours a week don't cause much trouble.  But the parts about home and family and hobbies and all that, that struck a cord.  I am constantly trying to use my time better, waste less, spend more time just focused on Luke and/or Matt.  This was a good reminder that it is possible to sort of "do it all".  I'd especially recommend it to anyone who is working with kids at home or plans to work with kids at home.  I think it would be reassuring and eye-opening. 

4)  The Astronaut Wives Club
I really should have posted about this one a month ago but...I didn't and now the short run is already over BUT it's probably online somewhere or will be on Netflix soon and how many people actually watch tv as it happens anymore??

I read this book a few years ago and waited about that long for the tv version to arrive (it was announced 2 years ago).  There were definitely some pacing problems (The Fug girls have been recapping and have pointed out these multiple problems) and it was tough to remember who was who (a problem I had with my first read of the book too) and random wives still show up in episodes with no explanation BUT it is an interesting look at another side to the space program.  And the fashion, hair, home decor, food styling and all that is just incredible. 

I'm rereading the book right now and between my first read and the tv show, it's really filling in a lot of gaps and I can even remember who is who this time!  So watch it either just for the set dressing and clothes OR read the book right before/after watching the show.  Either way it can be enjoyable. 

5) Where Do Diggers Sleep At Night?

This was a completely random library find a few weeks ago and I have not been able to return it since.  Luke will not let me.  It's his book of choice before every nap and every bedtime.  I try to suggest others.  He just wants "Diggers".  He's probably heard it over 50 times now and he still loves it.  He knows parts of it and points out different trucks and animals.  Someday we will have to return it.  I'm not sure how he will cope.  We will probably have to buy the book at some point.  If you have a toddler, check this one out.

P.S. This dress I recently posted about is now on clearance, just 30% as I write this but I'm hoping it goes even lower.  I may or may not have ordered the teal one at 30% off as insurance in case my size sells out before 50% or 70% off. Try it, only $20 right now!!

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