Friday, August 14, 2015

Two perfect dresses

When I find an item of clothing I really like I want to buy more, in multiple colors.  Which is why I'm watching and waiting for sales on both these dresses, one for summer and one for fall!  It's been a few years since I've found a dress I really like so I'm going to jump on these while I can.  AND I can wear a normal bra with both.  That's a big selling point.
Target Sleeveless
I stalked this one (and a similar striped one) on Target's website for many months, finally biting the bullet over Memorial Day weekend when I bought 6 for $15 each.  No worries, I ended up returning 5 eventually and this is the one that stuck.  It fits me perfectly and the fabric feels pretty substantial for being less than $30.  I own the navy pictured above but am considering the teal, when I can get it for at least 25% off (I never buy any clothes at Target for less than 25% off since they frequently run a "buy one, get one 50%" sale.).  I wish I was the kind of person that could pull off the pink but with my hair and pale skin I don't think it works on me, especially that much.  Consider this dress, I think it is awesome (unless you are tall, it might be too short).  I wear the same size I wear in almost all over Merona brand clothes.

Old Navy elbow length
This is a very recent find, just coming in the mail last week.  I tried it on and was so tickled that I found a fall/winter dress that also fit great.  This one also has pretty thick fabric which makes it hang nicely and maybe make it a little warmer?  I haven't worn this one yet (since it's still in the 80s here most days) but already have many outfits planned with boots, tights, scarves, and cardigans.  (I feel bad for people who don't live in places with changing seasons, you miss out on switching out your clothes a few times a year!)  I have the black pictured above and am considering the grey when I place my next order.  I aim for 40% off at Old Navy (they seem to run that almost once a month) but might settle a little lower. I think these dresses are nice and basic with plenty of remix potential for the fall and winter!

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