Tuesday, October 6, 2015

DIY Anniversary Art

I've been slowly working on some updates in our master bedroom over the past year (or maybe more, it's a very slow project).  Our bedroom was one of the few we had painted before we got married and our (my) tastes have changed a little over the last 9 years.  I'm still holding out a tiny bit of hope that I can convince Matt to do some white board & batten in there along with painting all the trim white.  I'm realllllly trying to convince him.  I haven't succeeded yet.  In the meantime, I have to settle for a lot of other little decorating projects. 

I've done a picture collage, added our initials, signs above our bed, redid my hope chest, and made new covers for the throw pillows.  Matt also made a new bookshelf (I highly recommend having a handy husband) which I've messed around with filling over the last 5 months.  This arrangement has actually stuck for awhile so it's done for now?  Always subject to change.  I, somewhat sadly, get a kick out of switching things between all my various decorating surfaces.  (Bonus points for spotting and recognizing the whale I mentioned back here.)

Since Matt made the bookshelf I figured I could let him use one of the shelves...he gets the bottom one for his old stereo system that really only Luke uses ("Listen music in ears!").  I'm generous like that.

With this project I think I'm about done with bedroom decorating projects (until the aforementioned board and batten happens).  Until I realized every single thing hanging on our bedroom walls, besides a Crucifix, is navy...so something has to happen there, I'm thinking with the gallery under the letters. 

This art was another one that was pretty easy and cheap to whip up and I like the style and reminder of our wedding anniversary (it could also be a handy reminder for Matt but he says our anniversary is one of the 4 dates he knows, along with his own, mine, and Luke's birthdays.)

Inspiration from here and the font is Stardos (free download here).  I used poster board and paint I already had and the frame is one Matt saved from the trash at work.  Gave it a few coats of spray paint, we bought some glass at Lowe's for $5 and that was that.

Besides being handy, my husband is also waaay more creative and better at art than me.  I got him to pencil in the letters and I filled in with paint.  Two coats, let it dry, stick it in the frame, and call it done.  If I didn't have him to help me out, I would have printed the letters and traced them and maybe would have used a canvas if I didn't already have the frame.  Either way, this can be made pretty cheaply. 

Those flowers are my wedding bouquet, having them saved is one of the big reasons I went with fake flowers, also the cost and the fact that I really wanted tulips...something not easy to use real for, according to our florist. 

Now we have another nice reminder of one of the happiest days of our lives.  Also, that we are close to being an old married couple.  That's after 10 years, right??

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