Friday, November 27, 2015

Things I Like - November (Black Friday edition)

Are you Black Friday shopping today?  We are, a little, a lot.  A little meaning in stores.  A lot being on the internet.  We did not shop in stores yesterday, I absolutely refuse to on Thanksgiving but internet shopping from the comfort of our home...yeah, that happens.  When you can get the same deal while laying in bed...why venture out?

All of these things are on sale today (if in stock).  Yippee!

1) Mossimo Ultra Soft Sweater 
This sweater lives up to it's "ultra-soft" name.  It is seriously super soft and comfortable.  It's not a thick sweater sweater but certainly warmer than a long sleeved tee.  It's not tight but not super baggy, pretty much the perfect in between.  I liked it so much I have since bought it in 2 other colors.  AND less than $11 with the Black Friday sale.  Can you go wrong? (No, you can't). 

2) Old Navy Quilted Zip-Front Vest
This is something I've debated buying for years and always felt like they be "out" as soon as I bought one.  I finally sucked it up with a great sale and now I don't care if they are "out" because this thing is super comfortable.  It's on the thinner side so not super warm but warm enough until arctic vortices show up (unless they don't this year??  I've heard multiple places it's supposed to be a more mild winter.  I hope that's right.)  I wear this probably more than I should.  (50% off in stores for Black Friday!)

3) Old Navy Booties 
Old Navy calls these "ankle boots" but everyone knows "booties" is just more fun to say.  These are something I kept the tag on for WEEKS trying to decide if I was going to keep them but then once I cut it...I've worn them A LOT.  Like, surprising how much.  They've became my go-to shoe for work and church and even a few times around the house.  I wear flats a lot, before boot season really kicks in, and these are a nice in between because I can wear socks but they aren't as warm as my riding boots.   I got them in the "mouse house" color which is somewhere between a tan and grey, closer to a grey.  Which, to me, means they go with just about everything.   Wore these to Thanksgivings yesterday and today!  (Pretty sure these are covered by the 50% off everything in-store at Old Navy)

4) Old Navy Rockstar Sateen Pants
Olive green pants are another thing I've been thinking about buying for awhile and finally did this year.  Unfortunately, those are completely sold out at but there are other colors.  These are also really comfortable, soft, and are about the perfect length.  They aren't jean material but aren't thin.  Again, another thing I'm surprised at how much wear I've gotten out of them.  Olive green is basically a neutral in that is goes with just about everything (at least in my semi color-limited wardrobe) and looks a little nicer than just jeans.  (50% off in stores)

Bonus: I didn't realize it when putting this post together but a few weeks ago I was trying on a bunch of online orders (Matt accuses me of using free shipping to try on everything at home which, duh, is way better than doing it in the store, especially with a toddler AND for trying things with clothes I already own/from other stores.) and had #s 1-4 on all together.  Complete outfit.  Which I haven't worn yet because one of these items still has the tag in case I can get a better deal, not because I'm not going to keep it.  And yes, I do sometimes take outfit selfies in the mirror.  It helps me figure out what to keep and remember outfits I like.  I don't usually plan on posting them on the internet so forgive me for that.

5) Frost Free Fleece-Lined Vest
So I went from thinking about buying a vest for buying two within weeks of each other.  I got a lot of use out of the first (the navy one above) and then was able to get this one on an early black Frday sale for $15 plus I had $10 of credit card rewards to redeem.   And I LOVE it.  It's very rare I cut the tags on something right away and these were off within 24 hours.  That is really shocking for me.  I wore it the day I bought it and again the next day.  It's basically like being wrapped in a cozy blanket with no mobility problems.  I will be wearing this a lot this winter.  (50% off in stores today!).   This one is bulkier than the navy one above but also warmer.  But not so bulkier I can't fit it under my normal winter coat.  I love multiple layers in the winter, more for heat preservation than style!

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