Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Simple Holy Families

I've seen many variations of simple Holy Families all over Pinterest the last few Christmas seasons and thought they would be a good project to make as stocking stuffers for my family. As with any project, they took a little more time than expected (everything needed two coats of paint and I made 8!) but I was very pleased with the final outcome. 

I bought all the heads at Jo-Anns and Matt cut the wood blocks from scraps* (we always have wood scraps).  I bought 1/2 yard of burlap for a few bucks.  That gave me plenty for this project with enough leftover for a table runner (as in, I put the rest down on a table and DONE.).  The twine is also from Jo-Anns (near the jewelry making, I had trouble finding that).  Paint on everything twice and then a lot of hot gluing.  Overall these averaged to less than an hour each but that was doing everything assembly line style for 8 sets. 

Honestly the hardest part was Mary's veil.  I think all 8 I made have a slightly different variation.  A lot a lot of glue was used there. 

I've liked this so much I've kept mine out year-round (for a long spell it was in our bathroom).  We do so much shopping this time of year that it's nice to have some homemade gifts too.  And these simple Holy Families are a nice reminder of what this season is all about!  Happy December!

height: 3 ¾"
width: 1 ¼"
depth: ¾"
head: 1 ¼" ball

height: 3 ½"
width: 1 ¼"
depth: ½"
head: 1" ball
Mary's veil: 2½" square or 3" square

length:  1 ¾"
width: ¾"
depth: ¾"
head: ½" knob

twine: 18"-24"

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