Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Color Dipped Decor

Since I first started spray painting things shortly before we got Luke, our grass is the spring/summer/fall pretty much always has spray paint in it.  I do all my spraying outside, on cardboard but the grass always get a bit of the over spray.  I don't mind because it will be cut at some point and the paint will be gone.  We did the same thing back when we painted our house, almost always dumping paint from the 5 gallon buckets into our old laundry detergent containers.  The few times we didn't...well the sidewalk and our old patio blocks have proof that we weren't the cleanest pourers.

Come fall I always feel like I need to spray a lot of things since soon it will be too cold to paint outside and we won't do it in our basement.  One of the many projects to make it in right before the deadline were some of these "dipped" bottles and frames.  The process for both is the same and pretty straight forward.

One of the bottles held olive oil and was destined for the recycle bin before I realized it was a pretty green color...and then I spray painted it.  The other is from Hobby Lobby and briefly lived in our bathroom.  The frames were both ones we had and I didn't care for the finishes on, making them perfect candidates for some spray painting.

I painted a base coat, the one that would be the majority of the finished product.  I normally let spray painting projects cure for about 24 hours but these I left for a few days just to be sure.  Then it was a matter of taping off where I wanted the new color to go and covering the rest.  I usually raided our "to be recycled" bag bag.  Make sure the tape is pressed down firmly, especially on the side touching the bottle.  Makes for much cleaner lines.

A few more coats of spray paint, a few minutes of sitting, and then, carefully, removing the tape and bag.  I didn't want the paint to dry too much and thus peel when the tape was removed.  I let these dry at least 24 hours and then they were moved into our decor!  Of course, like most things, they have moved around.  These are just more of our blue and green color scheme and so fit in almost any room of the house. 

These are a nice, quick (hands on time) project and a great way to use up partial bottles of spray paint since they don't take much.  Or an excuse to buy more colors of spray paint.  Maybe one I've used more than once. 
(flamingo print)

Source: inspired by Hello Sugarplum (bottles) and I Heart Organizing (frames)

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