Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Adorable Wooden Christmas Trees

Do you ever look at the "Following" tab next to your likes on Instagram?  I do, on my once daily IG check.  Sometimes I find new accounts to follow or just pretty pictures.  One day last week or the week before I saw these wooden Christmas trees, liked by someone I follow.  And I was immediately smitten.  Every year I struggle with decorating our large window ledge by our dining table.  Our stockings hang there and I try to tell myself to treat it like a mantel but I never have much luck getting it to look how I'd like.  I've found some ceramic trees I like at Target but at $20 each...I'm hoping to get some on clearance. 

So these trees, all 13 made from one $12 piece of wood?  Yes.  Doable and customizable and easy.  Plus, why buy when you can DIY??  I enlisted Matt to buy and cut the board for me.  I just told him I wanted a bunch of triangles.  You can see what I got.  With our mild winter (so far), Matt has still been able to work in the garage, making a variety of things which means the saw's been out anyways and not a hassle to cut a few more things for me.  He even sanded them because he bought some new sanding pads (or something) and wanted to try them out??  I'm not sure but he did most of the work which made this a super easy project for me.

I used a variety of acrylic paint on these, just buying one and using what I had for the rest.  All but the red received two coats (that was my new bottle...turns out buying a more expensive brand means better coverage...who knew?).  This was sometimes done during naps, sometimes while Luke was playing with Matt.  Then I used the handle end of my paint brush to dot snow on all my trees.  Just one side so I have a snow-free option if I'd like. 

Then, my favorite part, figuring out where they could go.  Some ended up on the large window ledge:

Some are currently around our nativity scene:

Who knows where they will be next year??  I'm still messing with all the Christmas decorations, moving things here and there as I see fit or as needed to keep away from Luke (he quickly figured out the snowman that had candy in it...that one got moved fast). 

I love how easy this project was and how absolutely adorable they turned out.  Little money, little time, great outcome.  My favorite kind of crafting.

Inspired by: Inspired By Charm

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