Thursday, December 24, 2015

Paper Christmas Trees (kid craft)

Merry Christmas Eve!  Do you have antsy kids at your house?  I'm not sure mine understands what is going on.  I think after this year he definitely will.  For now I can pretty much get away with acting like a normal day until the fun starts later.  I'm so excited to share Christmas with him!!

We did this craft a few weeks ago with my sister and some of her kids.  4 kids under 5, paper, glue stick, it was a little messy and crazy.  Luke needed some (a lot) of help but my 4 year-old niece did hers all on her own (after the paper was cut).  This would be a nice way to use up wrapping paper scraps or scrapbook paper scraps (mostly what we used but wish I had though of the wrapping paper earlier!).

I used my paper cutter to cut a bunch of scrap paper in different widths and length.  Took about 5 minutes.  Then let the kids have at it with glue.  I tried to guide Luke on getting the strips in some sort of order but he was mostly interested in the glue anyways.  Cut some paper for the base and stars for the top.  And voila!  Luke was very proud of his tree and wanted it hung above his bed, where it still hangs today.  Easy little project to keep a kid entertained.  And I love seeing his pride in the finished product!

Merry Christmas!!

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