Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I haven't finished posting about painted cupboards...but almost

I know, you are probably wondering when I am going to run out of cabinets to paint.  I thought that for a long time too.  Luckily (for all of us, but mostly me), all the upper cabinets have been painted and most have been shared here.  I'm still struggling to figure out how to store my spices.  Why do I have so many???  I sorted through them but between ones I use for baking and ones for taco seasoning or homemade pickles or just frequent use...I had one to get rid of.  That didn't help my shelf situation.  In a related topic, I was recently cleaning the fridge and realized of our two door shelves of condiments, I use two (bottles) of them and the other 10+ are solely for Matt (or Matt and Luke in the case of ketchup).  But I don't think I can blame him for the spice problem.

I've done a lot of purging in the upper cabinet, gotten rid of a lot of vases and extra wine glasses.  We don't drink straight wine at home very often and I didn't see a need for more than 4 glasses.  We also don't have flowers often so most of the vases went.  But ice cream dishes stayed.  They have a very obvious use.  I really like that that cupboard is pretty empty.

To make this post VERY slightly Christmas related, I'm posting about our liquor cabinet today.  Because people drink at Christmas?  Because of the bottle of sparkling wine I used for Christmas morning drinks is in this picture?  SEE, Christmas connection.  Also, the cabinet we use for our all summer dishes which I can't link to Christmas at all.

The hardest part about this set was that I had to sit on the fridge to paint most of this one.  Strangely, not the first time I've sat on a fridge to paint, flashback to my summer janitor days.  I didn't think we had much liquor until I had the empty the cupboard...counted 9 bottles.  Too much? Not enough?  A fair amount are almost gone although some will quickly be replaced when they are empty.  My summer drink project gives me reason to have some different kinds.

Those might be some small rum bottles we bought on our honeymoon.  Next spring is our 10 year anniversary.

This smaller cabinet is right back the back door and holds all our summer or entertaining dishes.  Plates we use for BBQs and Luke's birthday party.  Ice cream maker (I keep the base in the freezer all summer but didn't have room for it in the winter).  Corn skewers.  Things pretty much only used in the summer.

So, that's that.  These were the last cabinets I painted but the one with the biggest improvement is still coming once I figure out the spice storage problem.  This has been a very drawn out project but every time I see a before picture I am so glad I took it on.  Seems a little silly and boring (yes) and time consuming (yes) but very much worth it to me.  It's nice to know that over the last 8 months I've gone through all these cabinets, completely emptied them out, and put them back together better than before.  That's almost enough to make me take on the bottom ones.

Before and after.  Always my favorite.

Kitchen cleaning cupboard
Office closets
Office cupboard
Kitchen dishes cupboard
Kitchen cupboard over the stove
Baking cupboard
Upper cabinets (holiday dishes)

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