Friday, January 22, 2016

{5} Necessary Boots for Winter

Winter and boots go together like peanut butter and jelly.  You can have one without the other but they make the most sense together.  Besides slippers, when I put on my PJs around 8pm...or earlier, I only wear boots basically November - April (besides those freakishly warm 60°+ days we had around Christmas this year!).  As a person who is pretty much perpetually cold, boots and all the layers underneath (knee high socks, fleece lined leggings, pants) are how I survive winter (along with layers on the top, obviously).  Boots, especially riding and snow, are among my most expensive apparel purchases.  I think only my wedding dress and my winter ski coat (that I've had for 9 years and wear all the time) cost more than my boots.

1) Riding Boots
I upgraded this year to real leather ones (from Kohls) that I can no longer find online. I had bought a cheaper fake pair many years ago now but they were getting pretty worn.  When I bought them I wasn't sure how much I'd wear riding boots and didn't want to put a lot of money into them.  Turns out I wear them a lot.  A lot.  Like almost daily.  I wear this pair to church, work, errands, holiday things, pretty much anytime I need nicer but not really nice boots.  If I only had one pair of boots this might be it.  Winter in the Midwest might require more than leather riding boots but as far as hours of wear, these are definitely my number one.  

2) Snow Boots
And since we live in the Midwest where snow is a given each winter, snow boots are an absolute must.  I've had these since at least 2009 and while they, thankfully, don't get that much use each winter, compared to my riding boots at least, they do keep me warm for shoveling snow, winter library walks, or really anytime I need to walk through real snow.  I have Sorel moon boots which are super comfortable and, yes, huge but so so warm.  Before I ever wore them outside I used to wear them around the house and my feet would sweat in them.  Which I loved because my feet are rarely warm this time of year, outside of being in bed.  When I have to shovel 10 inches of snow, these are definitely worth every dollar I spent on them.

3) Rain Boots
Not just for winter!!  You might not believe how often rain boots are nice to have.  I bought my first pair as a pretty frivolous, impulse buy but then I realized I wear them more than I ever thought.  Every adult needs a good pair of rain boots, in my opinion.  I'm on my second pair (Matt just got me these from Target for Christmas, on sale, obviously) and they are super comfortable.  They actually have more support and cushion than my riding boots!  I wear these in the rain, to do yard work in the fall and spring muds, to run errands when it's really slushy, and anytime I want to stomp through puddles.  Which is fun, as my 2 year old will attest.  These are not insulated but I can squeeze in two pairs of socks and my feet at least stay dry which is way better than wet and cold.  I am super excited about wearing these. 

4) Booties
These are a fairly recent purchase and one I wasn't sure how often I'd wear so they sat in my closet for weeks with the tags still attached while I tried to decide if I was going to keep them.  It was close but I did and am so glad.  Pretty much every time I've worn them I've gotten compliments.  They are great for when it's not freezing and I want something a little dressier than riding boots.  I mostly wear with jeans (or the equivalent like olive or black pants) but have a few times with dresses too.  My riding boots have very little heel so these are great for when I don't need the complete warmth but still want to wear socks.  (More here)  There is a pretty good chance next fall I'll be buying another pair in a different color. 

5)  The boots I don't care about keeping clean

It's winter. Things are going to get wet and salty and gross.  When my tastes change or things get replaced I still keep most of my boots to wear around the house or for times I don't really care about what happens to them because they have already served most of their purpose.  I still have my original pair of riding boots (which I wear on days we aren't leaving the house) and my original pair of rain boots (probably my most complimented pair of shoes I've ever owned).  There was nothing wrong with my rain boots but I wanted a solid colored pair and so my originals got bumped.  I also have an old pair of fake Uggs from Target which mostly double as warmer, ankle covering slippers, since they are no longer water proof and worth wearing outside. 

Seven pairs of boots I own, all of which are definitely worth the money.  What about you?  I know I'm not the only winter boot addict.  Why would you wear anything else this time of year???

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