Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Day in the Life #4 (Luke 2¾)

It's been a really long time since I did one of these.  I kept track of a few days (a whole week even, after reading 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think) but it never made it to the blog.  I am very interested and going back and seeing how these change as Luke grows, even if I'm the only one!  We're in a much better routine than we were 2 years ago.  Amazing how much easier it can be with some parenting experience and more confidence, potty training aside.

Monday, January 18th, 2016

7:00am - get up after a solid 40 minutes of hitting snooze, change into workout clothes, collect/sort/start laundry
7:15am - workout, watch some Friday Nights Lights on Netflix while riding bike and check Twitter, e-mail, and Feedly during cool down.  Matt got up, around, and left for work while I was working out.  We did speak during this!
7:40am - upstairs, shower and get around
8:05am - Luke is STILL asleep so I scrub the tub, clean the toilet and switch laundry
8:30am - Upstairs to check on Luke.  Still asleep.  I leave his door open while I strip our bed and change the sheets hoping it would wake him up.  Didn't work but bed is changed at least.
8:50am - Downstairs, open up blinds (not matter how cold outside I need sunshine!).  Start my breakfast
8:55am - Luke downstairs, very happy and excited he woke up and that Mr. Sun is awake too.  He immediately gets out his cars, not caring about breakfast.
9:05am - I'm done with breakfast, brush my teeth, get breakfast for Luke, change the laundry, straighten up Luke's room (turning off nightlights, folding the blankets on his bed).
9:30am - Luke done with breakfast and back to his cars.  Get him changed. Clean windows/mirrors and bathroom while he plays.
9:50am - Read a pile of books to Luke.
10:00am - Snack time (Babka), switch laundry
10:20am - Layer up to go outside.  Luke is dressed first and is outside "shoveling".  I bring in our recycle bin and instantly have it half full with stuff piled up inside the house.  I had cleaned out our empty box pile but we also had neighbors use our recycle bin over Christmas and we're still recovering from that.  I'm all for recycling but not when your overflow means I have to store mine in the garage for weeks!
10:40am - We are back inside.  It was freezing (5°) and even Luke's enthusiasm for shoveling couldn't keep him out long.  Take off all the layers, Luke paints and I change laundry.
11:20am - shower for Luke (he's a very messy painter).  I read outside the bathroom while he showers.  Get him dressed again.
11:45am - Playtime for Luke, read him more books, a lot of books today.
12:30pm - Switch the laundry, make lunch
1:15pm - Luke in bed after lunch and story.  Trying out underwear for only the second nap time!  While he naps I read a book, check Instagram, and work on my computer: uploading and tagging pictures from the weekend, blog writing, reading, and commenting.
4:30pm - Luke is finally up.  Since we had a successful potty training morning he gets to watch an episode of Curious George and eat part of a candy cane.  I read and make a shopping list for later in the week.
5:15pm - I fold socks, rags, and towels while Luke plays with cars.  Put away all of that but socks.
5:40pm - Supper for Luke and I because Matt is on lates this week.  Luke got it out and was telling me he was hungry so it was time!  We dance to the "Imperial March" and Star Wars theme while heating it up.  After supper we have a dance party to "Bye Bye Bye", Luke's favorite song, while cleaning up.  A lot of jumping and laughing.
6:30pm - Matt finally home, we talk with him while he eats supper.
6:45pm - family playtime, read some books, play with Luke's Star Wars tent we just remembered we had.
7:30pm - Luke's second shower of the day.  Get him ready for bed.  I supervised bath time and Matt put him down.  We switch off on these every night.
8:15pm - I'm back downstairs while Matt lays with Luke for a few minutes.  Work on blog, check Facebook, clean-up e-mails, comment on any blogs (usually a pain to do on my phone so I save most of those for my computer).
10:15pm - Matt and I each fold our own laundry while watching some Netflix.  I put away my laundry while Matt showers.
11:00pm - In bed.  Lights off by 11:20!

Note: this was a pretty good day for us.  It's SUPER rare that I am worked out and showered by the time Luke was up.  He also really slept in this day, the latest he had in weeks.  A few days later he was in our room at 6:45 (before either of us were up) and I didn't get out of the shower until 9.  Soooo....

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