Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Dilemma: My Craft Area

Parts of my life are pretty well organized.  My computer desk rarely has more than the essentials (computer, lamp, framed family picture, pens, etc.) and our room and closet rarely have clothes laying around needing put away.  The kitchen stays pretty clean (between Luke's meals) and I don't like extra stuff sitting on any visible surface. 

Then there is my craft corner in Matt's office.  (I feel a little spoiled having my own office with my computer, bookshelf, and files as well as a whole corner of Matt's office...but then I remind myself Matt has a whole corner of the basement for his "workshop" besides his computer in his office sooo...I think it evens out).

It's a mess.  Here's all that's going on:
-a Little Tikes chair I was in the process of spray painting when the weather turned cold (since finished)
-a pile (or two, by now) of sewn burb cloths
-clothes Luke has outgrown to pass onto my sister for her son
-bag of food for the church food collection
-scrapbook supplies (paper, paper cutter, accents, punches, scissors, picture sticky tabs)
-craft supplies (paint, stamps, colored pencils, hot glue gun & glue, etc.)
-extra printed pictures and Luke ones set aside to send to his birth mom
-picture frames to be hung in the kitchen
-piles of fabric to be cut for burb cloths
-fabric to make a super cape for Luke's lemur
-gift wrap supplies
-part of my fabric stash
-I don't even know what else

On top of what you see here, there is also a double stacked plastic drawer set in the closet with more gift wrap, future gifts for Luke, gifts for new babies, and the beginning of gift bags for Luke's first birthday party. 

Something needs to be done.

A large part of my problem has been transitioning this space from my scrapbook table (where I actually scrapbooked) to a general craft storage/staging area.  I don't remember the last time I sat at that chair to work on anything, maybe when I finished my 2013 scrapbook 2+ years ago.  It's sole purpose now is to stack stuff and to stand on to get in the upper cabinets (out of this picture).  When I do crafts, other than sewing, I almost always use the dining table so I can work while keeping an eye on Luke.

I've been thinking about how best to organize it and my top solution right now is some sort of cubby system like this Kallax shelf from Ikea (turned on it's side)
Then I could sort my fabric out better (to be cut, to be sewn, extra stash), have an easily accessible place for gift wrap supplies (instead of spread in three spots around this corner) and consolidate some of my other craft supplies.  I also like the idea of this Raskog cart (also from Ikea):
For most of the craft supplies so I could move it around the house as needed.   I don't have much non-sewing craft supplies and I think it could all easily fit (besides paper, since I'd want that laying down).  Maybe fit some of Luke's craft stuff too. 

I also found some extra peg board in the garage and thinking maybe something like this could be great (and basically free) to organize scissors and other things:

My first step is going to be to measure the space for a shelf and design it so I can fit in my 12"x12" paper drawers and maybe wrapping paper stood up.  Then get Matt to build it (push it towards the top of the list of things I'd like him to build).  The table is definitely going (maybe just to the basement although that has plenty of it's own problems going on).  Then get to organize it which is obviously the best part. 

Hopefully by the end of the summer I can get this all figured out/convince Matt to build me the shelf (he's actually already said ok.  It's just making the time for it on top of the multitude of yard things that need done.).  I know Matt doesn't generally mind whatever mess I have going on (his desk doesn't always look much better than this) but I'd certainly like something nicer every time I walk in the room!  The fewer problem areas in the house the happier I am!  (I welcome any other suggestions/solutions!)

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