Friday, April 22, 2016

Top Five...places I want to visit (US version)

A long time ago (like over two years ago, before Luke was walking, we hadn't redone the bathroom, and my foot had only been cut open once, a long time ago) I made a list of the top 5 places I most want to visit, internationally.  That list still holds.  I'd love to visit all those places but I don't think international travel is in the plans for us for a very long time.  I'm glad we did it once but knowing how tough (and expensive) it was with just the two of us doesn't have me jumping at doing it again with a kid.  Someday.  Not that the first two on my domestic list are any cheaper or easier...

1) Hawaii - Kauai & The Big Island
We've been to Hawaii, Oahu and Maui, almost 9 years ago (which, believe it or not, there are posts coming about...sometime.  I have half the pictures edited for the blog at least).  I loved pretty much everything about it.  Hawaii was my dream vacation and I'm so glad we went and saw the islands we did.  Before deciding on Europe as our last big vacation before kids, we considered going back to Hawaii.  If we were to go back we'd want to do Kauai and the Big Island this time (not that I wouldn't recommend Oahu and Maui, I absolutely would!).  One of the many great things about Hawaii is how different each of the islands can be.  We did the big city with Honolulu and the laid back with Maui.  Kauai is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous, with those huge cliffs and it's not very populated.  And the Big Island has an active volcano which would be pretty cool to see.  Going back to Hawaii is probably more likely than traveling internationally but still not real likely while we have kids at home (so anytime in the next 20 years).  There might be a new Hawaiian island by the next time we are able to go (just kidding, I think it's not supposed to appear for another 20,000 years or something). 

 2) Alaska
I realize saying "Alaska" doesn't narrow things down a whole lot.  It's a huge state.  Huge.  I don't even know which parts I'd want to see, besides the Northern Lights.  I know they are sometimes visibile just in Michigan but I think more in Alaska?  I really want to see the Northern Lights some day.  But besides that, the snowcapped mountains, whales, glaciers, I don't even know all that Alaska has going on (besides snow).  But I want to go.  And not JUST because it's one of two states I haven't visited.  It really is supposed to be spectacular.  And if we could visit via a cruise, that would be even better (another trip we considered before picking Europe). 

3) San Francisco
Matt gets sent to a conference for work every 5 years (they take turns) and I was reallllllly hoping our year would end up being in San Francisco.  It's not.  It's somewhere I've suggested going many times but it doesn't appeal to Matt.  I want to see the Golden Gate Bridge, the Painted Ladies, ride a street car, see Lombard Street, and a lot more.  I helped my Dad plan a surprise anniversary trip there for my Mom last year and that just made me want to visit even more.  Maybe next time we get sent to a conference.  I will have my fingers crossed.

4) Mackinac Island
Finally somewhere that is fairly likely to happen.  I think my family visited (but not stayed) on the first family vacation I missed, the year we got married.  It's supposed to be super quaint and charming and just a lovely place to visit.  I want to ride bikes and see the big hotel and just relax.  And since this wouldn't involve a plane trip for us it really is likely to happen, at some point!  It might be on the short list for possible vacation soon-ish (I have destinations tentatively picked through 2020, not a joke.).  Although, coordinating with a ferry does overwhelm me a little.  I hate relying and figuring out other schedules (a reasons why we never mastered The Bus system in Honolulu). 

5) Acadia National Park
I've been to Maine, but barely.  I can't say I remember what the coast looked like, if we even saw the coast (I remember going out to supper and my Dad having lobster).  Every picture I've seen of Acadia has been gorgeous with the rocky coast and evergreen trees.  I've been visiting National Parks my whole life and they rarely disappoint.   Maine is supposed to have really good blueberries which might be reason enough for me to visit.  And a lobster roll, I don't even know what one is but I want to eat one in Maine.  It would be a drive for us, coming from the Midwest, but a doable one.  It might be on our tentative vacation plan.    

There you go, my top 5 places I want to visit in the US.  I have a whole other list of top 5 places I want to REvisit.  There is just so much beauty in this world!  Where do you want to go?

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