Thursday, April 21, 2016

Homemade Burb Cloths

Back in my March recap I said I made 36 of a project to be shared soon.  These are that project.  I did make 36 of them in March.  And at least another 36 so far in April (34 as of this writing and I'm sure more before it posts).  We may have a few more burb cloths around here than we will need.  It's become my go-to sewing project and it's really satisfying that I can knock one out (once washed and cut) in under 10 minutes!  It's really easy to find 10 minutes to sew each day and then I feel like I get something done!

You might be asking yourself, what the heck am I going to do with all of these?  Gifting.  Using for our own (hopeful) future kids.  Maybe selling some?  I don't know!  They are easy, inexpensive and satisfying to make.  (Although, I should probably have a plan by the time I hit 100...right??). 

Homemade Burb Cloths
yield: 4 burb cloths
½ yard nursery flannel, washed
~½ yard backing*
sewing machine

*Note about backings:  I've used both minky and "soft & fluffy" from Jo-Ann.  Almost all the minky I've used was leftover from other projects and if I use that I prefer to add a layer of quilting batting in the middle because they are a little thin otherwise.  Once I used up my minky stash I've mostly been buying the soft & fluffy fabric and find it easier to work with (minky is a slippery beast) but the colors are limited so I sometimes buy minky too. 

Take washed fabric and trim off rough edges into a solid rectangle.  I've admitted before I have no real good method for this but have had better luck lately with a cardboard cutting board.  I almost always buy my flannel fabric ½ yard at a time so once I have it trimmed I fold in half the long way and cut along the fold and then fold each of those and cut along the folds.  This gives me 4 fronts, each 18" x 10"-11" (most of the flannel I buy is 42"-44" wide).   

Lay the front pieces on top of the washed backing and cut around it, getting as much from the backing as possible.  This fabric is wider than the flannel so you won't need a full ½ yard.

Place the good sides together and pin.

Sew almost all the way around, with a ¼-½" seam.  I just focus on keeping my lines straight and staying on both layers of fabric.  Leave enough of an opening so that you can turn it right sides out. 

Trim corners and turn right sides out:

Sew a top-stitch, about ¼" from the edge, making sure the unsewn hole is completely tucked in and sewn shut. 

That's it!  Seriously can be done in under 10 minutes, even while trying to keep a certain little boy occupied in the basement.

My personal favorites of these are the three in the middle, those match Luke's blanket and the two blankets I have made for "brother/sister".  You may notice a few of these match the blankets I've made too.  Sometimes I really like a fabric.  I obviously can't say no to a good flamingo pattern. 

Source: Life with my Littles

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