Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Five: Pineapple Delight

I've seen multiple bloggers claim that pineapples are having a thing this year.  Which means I've been totally ahead of the trend on this one because I've liked pineapples for many years.  Not just the fruit (although I like that too) but also in merchandise, home things, etc.  I actually own one of these and I have been very close to buying two more.  Sometimes I use these posts to make myself feel better about not buying items.  Like I get to have a picture and remember what great taste (sarcasm) I have on the internet so I don't need the thing taking up space in my house.  It actually works well as a "resisting shopping" habit!

1) "You Had me at Aloha" Pillow (currently 66% off if you can find it in store and can avoid shipping!).  This would be super cute on a porch or lake house.  I don't think it's an outdoor pillow but would still work on our covered porch!

2) Pineapple Print Canvas Tote - I love the pineapple on this one more than on the pillow and the fresh white background makes it pop.  I bought (and am still using up) a lot of pineapple scented lotion from Bath & Body Works many years ago partially because I liked the pineapple picture on the bottle.  I don't know if buying this would be any better or worse than that.

3) Colada Pineapple Vase - I found this thanks to my nephew and his fiance's wedding registry (Thanks, Sarah!) and am seriously considering buying one for myself.  It's more pineapple adjacent than outright pineapple and I'd likely spray paint it white if I did/do get it but still, I like it enough for that.

4) Fashionable Fruit Pineapple Candle - This is the one of these that I own.  In this color.  I've seen multiple bloggers with ceramic pineapples as decor and really really liked them but every one I've found has been waaaay out of my comfortable price range (like $50+) so this is my substitute.  I haven't burned the candle yet but it is sitting out in my house and fulfilling my ceramic pineapple dreams for now!

5) Escape to Paradise Cutting Board - I was super super close to buying this in the store last week because it was on sale for $9 plus I had a 15% off coupon which would have made it under $8.  Still wondering if that was the right choice.  I mostly passed because I just replaced our plastic cutting boards with bamboo ones a few months ago and couldn't internally justify another one.  Buuuut...if it's still super on sale/clearance on my next Jo-Ann stop there is a very good chance it's coming home with me.

Anyone else buy into (literally) the pineapple "trend"?  It's nice when these things I like become trendy because it makes shopping easier for me!  Or maybe that's not such a good thing??

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