Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Day in the Life #5 (Luke 3¼)

I really like going back and reading these, seeing how much our lives can change even over just a few months.  The last one I did was in January when it was 5° out.  The day I did this one it was an 88° day in June.  Slightly different.  Strangely, I had an easier time getting Luke out of the house to play on the 5° day than the 88° one.  Also strange, as you'll see below, and if you click the link to the last post, Luke wore some of the same winter gear both days.  Again, it was 88° this time.

Monday, June 27th, 2016
7:15am - I get up after 30 minute of snooze hitting.  Open blinds, change into workout clothes, talk to Matt, put away a few things in the basement.
7:30am - Workout.  Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred.  I give myself a little break on Monday mornings.
8:00am - Back upstairs, breakfast, read a few blogs, change out of workout clothes into running clothes (which are totally different), squirt toilet cleaner in the toilet.
8:20am - work on blog since Luke is still asleep.
8:45am - Luke is up and comes downstairs with his clothes (other than church he picks out most of his own clothes.)  While I turn off my computer he puts on his winter clothes "In case in gets cold". All the way down to his boots which he wore all the way until nap/quiet time.

8:55am - Get Luke on the potty and then breakfast for him.  While he eats I put away dishes in the drainer and straighten up both bedrooms.
9:10am - Household cleaning, I usually try to get ahead on Mondays and do some jobs for later in the week, so then I have more time/am less stressed about playdates or extra things like baking.  Luke plays with his cars, Duplos (bringing me "ice cream") or helps me clean with a rag and spray bottle.
10:20am - Get ready for a run: stroller out, fill water bottle, get Luke a snack, etc. Then actually go for a run.  It was muggy and my 3rd workout in less than 24 was a tough one.  Do cool down walk with Luke afterwards and then actually cool down inside. 
11:25am - Shower and get around.  Luke plays with Duplos.  I prefer to shower and be all around before he's awake but I've also found our evenings are much better when I'm not trying to squeeze in a run and an extra shower.  So running before I've showered in the morning makes the most sense.
12:00pm - Read books to Luke.  I pick two, he picks two.  Write in card for my parents' anniversary (which is probably going to be a day late, oops).
12:25pm - Walk to the mailbox to drop off card (Luke is always excited to do the actual dropping) and the library just to return books.
12:35pm - Home and I make lunch while Luke (slowly) cleans up his toys.  Get supper in the crockpot.  Put sun tea out.  We eat.
1:05pm - Stories with Luke in his room before tucking him in for a nap he never takes (we are still trying to figure out our schedule with no/limited naps).
1:15pm - I eat cookies (since I finished my lunch unlike my companion) and read.  Then read some more, check Instagram for the first time in 3 days (thanks to our family camping trip over the weekend).
2:15pm - Work on blog, read a few blogs by others.
2:45pm - Get Luke up from his quiet time.  Straighten up his room with him (mostly books he had been "reading" in bed).  Pretty good day so far, no nap aside, so he gets 2 episodes of Curious George while I continue to work on the blog.  He doesn't watch tv nearly every day but sometimes, especially on no nap days when I can still hear him talking the entire time, it's a nice mental break for me!
4:15pm - Try to get Luke outside to play in the sprinkler.  He doesn't bite.  He instead runs around the house wearing his super cape yelling "I a super hero!" very loudly.  Still using energy I guess!  I read a little, pick my next ice cream and drink recipes on pinterest, and check on supper.
4:40pm - Luke decides he wants to go play in the sprinkler so we get him changed and head outside.  I read a book.  It is lovely but hot.

5:00pm - Matt is home and he changes and then supervises sprinkler time while I go inside to finish making supper. And also read while water boils from the comfort of AC.
5:20pm - Eat supper, clean-up.
6:00pm - We all go outside.  Luke supposedly is going to run through the sprinkler.  Matt and I work on cleaning the garage.  Although it's mostly his mess so I mostly am out there for moral support/motivation/sweeping with a broom.  This will be a multi-evening project.
I do burn some of our multitude of scrap wood and some other paper things.  I learned after we started doing this that we aren't supposed to burn trash (we burn all paper/cardboard that can't be recycled because of food stains) but if we call it fire starter then it's ok, right??  Also, 88° days are the most ideal for having a fire...
I also check my blueberry plants and find a whole lot!  I mean, more than the 5 I picked a week earlier.  They were delicious and perfect.  This is why I need/want more blueberry bushes!
7:25pm - We head inside.  Matt starts bath water for Luke and supervises that.  I put away the various clothes Luke has discarded (like his regular clothes when he changed for the sprinkler) and then work on the blog (the post coming tomorrow).
7:55pm - Luke comes running to get me (dressed), asks if I want to see these dancers on a video Matt's shown Luke on Matt's computer.  I go watch.  Luke is beyond thrilled.  I think this is a nightly thing.  Then Luke demonstrates his own dance moves.  It's adorable.
8:00pm - All upstairs for prayers, story, and I cuddle with him for 7 minutes.  He's exhausted and barely talks to me.  That's a good thing when it's bed time!
8:15pm - I'm back downstairs and take a quick shower after the sweaty garage work.
8:30pm - back on computer to work on blog (this post, among others).  Spend another 10 minutes with Luke after he wakes up from a little "nap" crying.  Back downstairs, close blinds, work on this post.
10:00pm - Matt and I eat ice cream (sadly finishing this) while watching American Ninja Warrior.  It is the greatest thing on tv in the summers (although we are definitely mocking it the whole time too).
10:45pm - Turn off Ninja Warrior (we always take at least two nights to watch the two hour show, even skipping commercials).  Get ready for bed, do dishes, Matt gets his bike ready to ride to work in the morning.  Take Luke to the bathroom.  Lay out my clothes for the next day.
11:10pm - I beat Matt to bed, read for too long and then lights out. 

I usually don't blog as much as I do this day (although I got three posts done!) and Luke doesn't always sleep nearly that late...but other than that a pretty typical day at home!

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