Thursday, August 25, 2016

Painting on the Porch

Early in the summer I decided our porch needed some pictures.  For a long time our porch just had furniture but over the last two summers I've been trying to make it more homey, especially since Luke and I spend so much time out there when the temps are right (basically between 50° and 80°).  We bought our house when we were 22 and weren't real picky about most things - we had picked a couple neighborhoods and, of course, had our budget set.   I feel really lucky that we ended up in such a perfect house still 10 years later.  This porch always feels like such a wonderful bonus and so so wonderful for at least 6 months of the year.

Obviously I was going to do some sort of gallery walls, because that's my go-to when I want to fill a wall.  Like here.  And here.  And here.   I waited a long time for frames to go on sale at Target and picked some free printables I had found on Pinterest.  The "hello" was a Target dollar spot find that sat on one of the tables next to the front door for a few months, constantly being knocked over.  Getting that up on the wall may have been a major motivator in getting this wall done.

To the left of the door is this:

To the right is this:
These pictures face a wall of windows, it's super hard not to get a glare.
I plan to change out most of those pictures with the seasons, being able to find so many great, seasonal printables on Pinterest.  Most of our pictures stay the same year-round but now I have two places to switch them out with the seasons!

 If you follow me on Instagram, last week you may have seen this picture:

When I hung up my paper guides for the pictures I knew I needed something else on the far right.  I didn't want another picture frame and didn't want another sign with words so I decided we needed a painting.  Buying a "real" painting isn't something I'm likely to do and I couldn't convince Matt to paint this for me so it was up to me.  More than a month after hanging the rest of the wall, I finally got around to painting a picture, following the rough instructions here and using a bunch of acrylic paints I had on hand.  I am under absolutely no impression that this is amazing.  I know that.  But I still really enjoyed doing it and mixing the colors and it was just really fun.  We were also watching the Olympics which is also fun and something we did a lot of the last two weeks.  So even if the painting isn't great, which it isn't, at least I have happy memories associated with it.  And it fills the spot on the wall.

Now, if you are following me on Instagram you may have also seen this picture almost two weeks ago:

And that would explain why the two above pictures are close shots.  Because the rest of the porch looked like this when I took the pictures:

Notice the complete lack of furniture, decorations, and carpet.

Matt had last week off and after a few days at the lake it was time to get things done.  We knew our porch foundation needed some work.  We have a basement under the house but not the porch.  Matt pulled up the carpet, hoping there was a trap door to get under the porch without having to tear at the brick foundation.  No luck on that front.  BUT we did discover we have beautiful hardwood (although I have since been corrected that these are not "hard" woods but a softer wood...all the same to me) floors on the porch.  We never had a problem with the porch carpet and wouldn't have even suspected wood floors underneath but there they were!

So, on top of Matt fixing the foundation we also stuck a whole bunch of other work into his week off.  As I type this, he's part way through sanding down the floors.  The carpet has been permanently moved to the basement and the padding is trashed.  It's pretty exciting and a good experiment for when we eventually, hopefully, tackle the wood floors in our front room (so we did pick one of these options after all).  We had debated doing the porch, front room, and Matt's office all at once...but that all of a sudden seemed like a lot more than we could handle in a week off that already included foundation work.  So, porch for now and hopefully it goes well.  I need to start shopping for some rugs and figure out a solution for the main walking path in the winter.

When I initially planned to write this post it was just going to be about these nice little gallery walls I had finally completed.  It just so happened that by the time they were completed the project has greatly expanded.  Actually my gallery walls came down a few hours after taking these pictures so they wouldn't be destroyed with the dust from sanding.  Hopefully soon we have a fully finished porch to share.  A project we didn't think we'd ever be tackling but are now very excited about!

frames: Target
anchor art: Target
hello: Target
pineapple print: Pinterest but I can't find the original source
palm tree picture: Etsy
watermelon print: Twin Dragonfly Designs
popsicle print: Remodelaholic
flamingo print: Oh So Lovely

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