Friday, September 23, 2016

{5} Things that Excite Me About Fall

It's officially fall!  Once I finally accept that summer is over (basically when the jet ski is home) then I start to get really excited for fall.  I feel like whichever season we are currently in is my favorite.  Except that summer is probably always tops.  And winter at the bottom (mostly because I'm constantly cold).  So basically, spring and fall switch between spots #2 and #3 depending on which one we are in.  Just like I can never pick if I like Easter or Thanksgiving better (Christmas obviously has the top spot).  Once again, it's whichever is closest.

There's a lot of reasons to get excited about fall, here are mine!

1) Fall Foliage
This whole post is basically an excuse to ooh and ahhh over past fall foliage pictures (all taken from my Instagram feed).  I mean, seriously gorgeous.  There's plenty of beauty to appreciate in the other months too but there is just something about the fall.  Gorgeous all around.

2) Sweaters/Boots
After spending months mostly trying to dress in as little clothes as reasonably possible in order to stay cool in the heat, it's a refreshing change of fashion to be able to pull out clothes and layer things.  I start to get waaaay too excited about pulling out all my fall and warmer weather clothes, especially during those magical days where it's cool enough for layers but not enough that you need a coat.  And puffer vests...I've missed those. 

3) Soup & comfort foods
My favorite menu plan I do all year is the first one in the fall that I can fill with soups and chilis we haven't eaten in at least 6 months.  I love soup.  It's usually so easy and relatively healthy.  I eat it almost daily 5-6 months of the year (pictured is this white chicken chili)

4) Being Home
Our porch currently looks nothing like this.  Use your imagination.  To imagine a mess.  It's more what it represents...
By my count (which I trust, being as that was literally in my former job title (staff acCOUNTant)), we'll be gone 14 of 20 weekends from May-September.  That's 70% of the weekends!!  It's a lot and I know almost all of those are entirely our choice (the lake) and I am so grateful that we have access to a place on the water (the lake) and are able to go so often...but I am also super psyched about a break from packing, driving, and planning around weekends away.  Maybe we'll finally finish that porch floor that we started over a month ago...

5) Cooler Temps

I've been running more in prep for my 10k race in a few weeks and running ~5 miles while pushing a stroller in 90° sucks, a lot.  I'll gladly take a longer run over not having to push a stroller.  I mean, not enough to run when Matt is home to watch Luke because evenings are busy enough as it is...but enough to mildly complain about it for sure.  I much prefer running in the cooler temps, like any sane person.  But also, for life in general, being able to live outside the AC (which I try to use as little as possible) and open windows and even being a little chilly at night is pretty nice after a hot summer (which I love!  I really do love hot days in the summer but also so glad we don't have that year round!).

You'll notice I restrained myself from including ANYTHING about the upcoming holiday season although I certainly consider that to be pretty exciting and definitely worth looking forward to...I mean...not that I am (I definitely am) or have already started thinking about my Christmas baking (again, yes).  But fall is wonderful besides being prep time for the holidays!  What you are looking forward to enjoying during this wonderful season?

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