Friday, November 25, 2016

Things I Like - November

My monthly round-up of 5 things I'm liking, all affiliate link free. =)

1) The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon
I loved this book.  Hands down the best YA book I've read since Eleanor & Park and might even be pretty close to that one.  It's about two teens who have a chance meeting in New York and then end up spending the day together.   Things happen.  It also covers a few people they encounter during the day and the chain reaction one little decision can have.  It's hard to even say much without spoiling too much of the plot.  I've said it many times but I think I like YA is because, when done well, it takes me back to my (late) teenage days of falling in love with Matt.  And who doesn't like being reminded of young love?  I didn't want to to take this one back to the library right away and is one I would definitely read again.

 2)  Top Gear Episode - Series 22, episode 3 (which shows up as the 5th episode for me)

Top Gear is a British tv show about cars.  None of that sounds like something that appeals to me and maybe not to you either.  Matt watches it on Netflix (and was a little excited about the Amazon Prime show that started last week) and tells me when there is an episode I would enjoy.  Which was the case in this one.  I've never recommended a single episode of a show before but I also haven't laughed this hard in a very long time.  There were tears.  The three hosts each have to make their own ambulance and then they put them through various "tests".  It's an hour episode but we skipped the in studio parts when they are just talking about cars so really only about 45 minutes and it is absolutely worth 45 minutes of your time.  (Warning: there's some language so not appropriate for Luke and other young kids.)

3)  Firefighter floor puzzle
This is actually one of Luke's favorite things but he likes it so much that it has quickly become one of my favorite things.  He got this puzzle for his 3rd birthday but just in the last month or so has had a strong interest in it.  We helped him with it for a week or two and then all of a sudden he could do it one his own and he LOVED it.  He does each side at least once a day, sometimes each side twice a day.  It takes him about 20 minutes per side.  You can guess where this is going.  Something, besides Daniel Tiger or Curious George, that keeps him happy and quiet  for 20 minute straight?  Yep, I'm going to be a BIG fan.  He does it in his room during quiet time.  He does it downstairs when I'm cleaning or sometimes showering.  He loves this thing and is still so proud every time that he did it on his own.  Another giant floor puzzle was quickly added to his Christmas list.

4) From the Front Porch Podcast 
This is one I started following after one of the hosts was on the "What Should I Read Next?" podcast and I've really enjoyed it over the last month or so.  It's by a bookstore owner in Thomasville Georgia (a place I've never been) and one of her employees and as the logo says - they talk books, life in the south, and small business.  A lot about books and reading which I always enjoy, even if I don't read all the recommendations.  It's just interesting to listen to.  For instance, one episode was about using books as decor which I most definitely do although maybe not in the same way I do.  Another was about the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child book.  It's enjoyable enough for me that I've gone back and downloaded past episodes, not something I do for every podcast.  If you are interested in any of the above mentioned things I would recommend this one. 

5) The Crown
I have a little bit of a fascination with the (British) Royal Family.  I got up at 4:30am, on my first day off in 5 months, to watch William & Kate's wedding in 2011.  When we visited London a year later seeing Westminster Abbey was a highlight for me (I may have pointed out to Matt a lot of sights seen on tv during the royal wedding coverage).  OF COURSE I was going to watch Netflix's new show about Queen Elizabeth through the years, it was just a matter of when.

I'm only a few episodes in but enjoying it so far!  Netflix obviously spent a lot of money on this because the sets and costumes are pretty amazing.  I know a decent amount about their history and such but it's so interesting to see it brought to life.  It's mostly about QEII, she is the Queen, and so interesting. 

I've read that each season is going to cover a decade and the actors will be recast every other season as every ages.  That doesn't really matter I guess but interesting to me that they've thought that far in advance, I hope they see it through to present day.  And it's rated MA (I believe) but, so far, there hasn't been much questionable content and I don't think we're going to get Game of Thrones style nudity or sex scenes since this is about real, currently living in some instances, people.  Highly recommend if you have an interest in the royals or just like big, grand series. 

What have YOU been liking this month?

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