Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Beauty in the Mornings

I love my kid and he's usually pretty darn adorable when he first wakes up and comes downstairs in his t-shirt and shorts (regardless of the temperature outside).  However, over the last few years, and especially the last few months, I've realized I feel like a better Mom and an actual person when I get up and get going before he is awake.

Now, I know we are very lucky to have a kid who sleeps in.  His awake time has changed over the years and changed again with lovely daylight savings a few weeks ago (Does anyone understand why we have to change our clocks twice a year?  I still don't understand it at all).  The "fall back" was pretty nice before we were parents.  Now it just means "your kid is now awake an hour earlier".  Which is slightly less exciting.

However, with a few nights of adjusting and he's back to waking up about 8am.  I know that's later than a lot of kids and definitely wouldn't work for a lot of working Moms.  I have sisters and friends who tell horror stories of their kids routinely waking up in the 5-6 range.  I'd probably be drinking coffee and stumbling around half asleep if that was the case here (feel free to mentally throw your coffee at me).  I know Luke routinely sleeping to 8 is a luxury and not one I take lightly.

As tempting as it would be sleep in until a 3 year old shaped alarm clock wakes me up, I feel better when I get up before him.  Some days significantly before him.  It's just the act of getting out of bed for myself instead of being forced that starts my day on a much better note.

Bare minimum: getting out of bed and downstairs before Luke is awake
Most days: getting up, working out, and showering before he's awake
Favorite days: getting up, working out, showering, breakfast, and hobby time

One or two days a week Matt has to go into work early and those are my favorite because I have a very good reason to be up early and almost always have some good "me" time before Luke is downstairs.  Some days I read.  Some days I work on the blog.  Some days I sew or prepare to sew while watching a tv show from the night before.

I feel like I am getting in some bonus time when something productive happens before I have to parent.  I start my day a little happier than when we are rushing around.  I can't count on that time and therefore when I get it, it feels like a special little bonus.

I realize being proud of being up and around by 8am doesn't say a whole lot about me.  I know it's largely thanks to a kid who will sleep until 8.  And as much as I love that time, it's not always enough to get me out of bed when the house is cold and the bed is so warm.  Telling myself I'm getting up to workout isn't very tempting BUT I know I'll be happier when I get up and just get it done.

There is definitely a beauty to those early mornings and getting something fun done while Luke is still asleep.  No matter the hour, its like a little head start to my day.  And maybe that will help me avoid the snooze tomorrow and just get up and going.  I know I'll be happier for it.

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