Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Easy Books for Getting Back in the Reading Groove - YA

So far we've talked about easy books to read that I classify as chick lit and memoir.  Now onto a genre that I've generally found to be pretty easy to read.  Maybe because these are aimed at kids (girls) whose brains aren't fully formed yet (basic science) and in all of these (and most YA I read) there is a romance plot and I always love being reminded of my late teen years of falling in love with Matt.  (Awwww...or gag...take your pick).  I average at least one YA read a month and most of these I've read multiple times.  I own 4 of the 5 and the one I don't is on my wish list.  These are all great, easy reads.

1) Star Girl by Jerry Spinelli
My Mom, a former middle school teacher, introduced me to this book when I was in college and I've read it many times since.  It's about Stargirl, a quirky girl who shows up at Leo's high school.  She definitely marches to the beat of her own drum (quite literally, she dances randomly).  They get thrown together somehow and end up "dating" although kinda on the down low.  Things happen.  Good and bad.  I may have cried the first time I read this.  (Which isn't surprising, I cry easily.)  I've read it many times in the last ~15 years and have enjoyed every time.  If you ever felt like an outsider in high school (who didn't?) or just enjoy YA, read this one.

2) The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker
This is about a world where the Earth starts to spin slower.  They don't go into the science of it and it's never explained and doesn't really matter, I mean it does, but it's not a sci-fy read.  Julia is 11 at the time and at first life continues the same, minutes are added to each day but they stay on the same schedule.  Then the days start to get even longer where daylight will be 24 hours and night 24 hours.  This effects all types of things like crops and tides and weather.  People start to move away, her best friend leave with her family.  She's going through normal 11 year old things while the world is, somewhat, falling apart.  Being 11 is hard enough without world-wise crisises going on too. 

3) The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon
A very recent read and one that made my Best of 2016 list (also mentioned here).  Two teens randomly meet in New York City and their lives are pretty instantly connected.  It follows their one day around the city with their own family problems going on and as well as touching on the lives of a few other people they come into contact with that day.  It was a very different format from most books I've read, YA or not and it was refreshing to read.  Plus, you know I'll appreciate any book set in New York, especially with great characters.

4) The Fault is in Our Stars by John Green
This book made me cry.  A lot.  I know that's not necessarily an indicator of a good book but I've read plenty of sad things that didn't make me cry.  I don't like that.  Two teens meet at a cancer support group.  The deal with all of that together.  You may have seen or heard of the movie a few years ago (it also made me cry).  Basically, if you are in the mood for an uplifting by also sad book about sick teens...this would be it.

5) Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
I've mentioned this book so. many. times. as my standard for YA books.   The first time I read it I was up until 3am to finish in one sitting.  This is when Luke was 8 months old and would have been waking up about 5 hours later.  I've read it multiple times since and while never again in one sitting, I'm so drawn in, ever time.  It so perfectly captured those first fluttery feelings of teenage "love".  Anyone who has ever been a teenager can probably relate to some of those.  So good. 

New Years Resolution to read more?  Don't know where to start?  I'm aiming to help you out this week with 5 (or 6) books in 4 different categories, all of which I deem pretty "easy" to read - easy to get hooked, enjoyable to read, the best kind of book to start a good reading habit!

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