Wednesday, January 18, 2017

ThredUp Box #9

I've mentioned my love of ThredUp multiple times around here.  I ordered my first box last summer and 8 more since.  It combines my love of online shopping (LOVE being able to narrow down my search by style, size, color, price, etc.) and getting a bargain (cheaper since it's often used).  Plus, the whole picking it out on my computer/phone and having it delivered to my door is SUPER appealing for this introvert who likes being home.  (Almost all the clothes I buy from Target I also order even though I go to the actual store about once a week.)  I get higher quality clothes for the same price I'd pay at Target or Old Navy (where 75% of my wardrobe was from before starting to use ThredUp). 

With those 8 boxes I've gotten 59 items but have only kept 14 - everything that's shown above.  I thought it'd be interesting (??) to share all that I have bought and not just what I've kept.  I've seen others do it with StitchFix so why not ThredUp?  Sure, I pick it all but it feels similar to me because I'm trying things I wouldn't necessarily pick out at a store.

I return a lot (75%) for a lot of reasons.  Often it is not being sure how different brands' sizes will translate.  I'm pretty consistent in my sizes at Target and Old Navy but I've tried a whole bunch of other brands through ThredUp with a whole lot of different sizing issues.  That's a big reason why things go back.  Also, sometimes I just need a few more items to get to free shipping.  Or I buy 3-5 dresses with the intent of only keeping one but need/want multiple options.

So, the 9 items in my most recent order.  I kept 3!  That's pretty good for me!

1) Nordstrom Leggings, new with tag.  
Retail: $48 | I paid: $20.70

I've been toying with buying leggings to wear as pants (as opposed to the leggings I wear UNDER pants), with the right top of course.  I saw these Nordstrom ones with the tags still on and immediately added to my shopping cart.  And I love them.  Super comfortable and pretty thick (so no see-through happening).  I kept these.  

2) Old Navy sweater  
Retail: $33 | I paid: $9.90
Ok, the "retail" price isn't so accurate because that might be the list price but you don't have to be too smart to realize you NEVER have to pay that at Old Navy.  I bought an identical sweater, same pattern, in a different color a few weeks ago and paid $17.  It's now $15.  So maybe not even half off BUT I have this sweater in 2 colors, it's held up well, and I had been looking for a green one and, with three options, this one won. 
3) Gap Outlet sweater  
Retail: $36 | I paid: $9.00
The other green sweater option (and a 3rd from Target that is going back).  This one just didn't fit as well and was only 3/4 sleeves which isn't quite as warm in the winter.  I do like that color though.

4) Old Navy "sweater"
Retail: $33 | I paid $11.70
Ok, first the "retail" price is obviously high (I'm pulling all of these from the ThredUp listings) and, second, this is most definitely not a sweater.  I was hoping it was a pullover sweatshirt but it's a long-sleeved tee.  Way to be VERY generous on the listing, ThredUp.  It went back.  I don't need a $12 long-sleeved tee.

5) Lulu's Casual Dress
Retail: $60 | I paid: $15.30
This dress is the whole reason I actually placed an order.  Sometimes I browse and put things in my cart but if there is nothing that is "oh my goodness, amazing" I don't actually order.  This dress made me order.  I LOVE the color and was optimistic...but then I tried it on and it was really short.  I told Matt I am too old to be wearing a dress that short.  He said it was fine but...I'm 6 months away from being a great-aunt.  My almost mid-30s is too old for that dress.  If it had been a few inches longer I probably would have kept it.  Back it went.  (Not saying you can't wear short dresses in your 30s or older...the cut of this + the length just seemed to juvenile).

6) Three Dots tank top
Retail: $16 | I paid: $7.12
This was the first clearance item I've ever bought but it turned out to be ok.  I had to keep it because it's non-returnable but I probably would have kept it anyways.  I've been expanding my tank tops for summer and this one was comfortable, cheap, and fit well.  That's enough for me!  Kept it.

7) Ann Taylor Factory tank top
Retail: $18 | I paid: $5.40
I was SUPER close to keeping this because, again, I love the color but it was just enough too big that I don't think I'd be reaching for it often to wear.  If it was one size smaller I probably would have kept it, especially for that price!

8) Express short sleeved blouse
Retail: $50 | I paid: $12.60
 Honestly, this was a "I need to get to free shipping and this looks possible" item and so I wasn't really expecting to keep it.  It ended up being too big, or just too blousy that I didn't care for the fit.  I've been trying to expand my church-y tops a little and I love the color of this, but it just didn't work.  Back it went.

9) Lands End scarf
Retail: $36 | I paid: $9
I've been eyeing this scarf from Nordstrom but $25 is out of my comfortable price range for a scarf so when I saw this for much less I thought it might work.  Turns out it's more of a cold weather scarf and not so much a fashion scarf.  Just felt too heavy and bulky to wear besides with a coat.  So back it went.

There you have it, the 9 things I recently tried from ThredUp and the 3 that I kept.  My favorite part: how much blue and green was in my order.  I posted this to my IG stories after I opened my box and went all heart eye emoji on the colors.

Those are the most common color in my closet, after neutrals.

Have you tried ThredUp?  Do you have a better than 25% keep rate?  If you're interested, here is my referral link which will get you (and me) $10 off your first order.  I'm a fan!!  (And I would share this regardless of the free $10, maybe I'm just nosy but I like to see this kind of stuff from others!)

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