Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Day in the Life #6 (Luke 3¾)

It's once again time to record and reflect on how we spend a day around here!  I really enjoy reading these old posts and seeing how much things change even when it feels like they don't.  An obvious change in the seasons in the last 6 months but also in our routines and how Luke has grown!  Most of these that I've done have been on days that we haven't left the house which are really nice but not necessarily  all that typical (although still once or twice a week).  I picked this day because we were supposed to have a birthday party in the morning but then got canceled due to sick kids so...turned out to be a day we were home all day anyways.  Oh well.  I guess of all the types of days we have, staying home is the most commonly occurring!

Monday, January 16th, 2017
7:15am - Get up, change into workout clothes, make bed, downstairs to throw a load of (pre-sorted) laundry in and start the space heater in the basement for my workout (I don't know that it helps that much but it makes me feel better, mentally, and put off working out less), back upstairs to get shoes, talk to Matt a bit between us both getting ready.
7:28am - Workout while listening to podcasts.  Matt leaves.
7:54am - Finished working out, read e-mail while waiting for laundry to finish so I can switch and start a new load.  Do that once it's done.
8:00am - Upstairs to start getting the bathroom ready to shower (which includes turning on another space heater), remember I needed to wash my workout shirt so back in the basement to throw that in, grab supper ingredients from pantry/freezer while down there.
8:04am - Hear Luke stirring in his room so I jump in the shower, had planned to dry shampoo hair but getting a shower started before he's downstairs is more important.  He comes down, throwing open the bathroom door and making all my precious heat leave, before I'm out.  Talk to him while showering and getting dressed/around.  He decides to leave on his jammies. 

8:33am - I'm all dressed, hair done (ish, probably due for a wash but not happening), make-up on.  We go upstairs together to straighten up his room (fold blankets, put books away), make sure the upstairs space heater is off (my morning apparently revolves around space heaters).

8:39am - We have breakfast together.  Luke makes "forts" of the boxes most morning ever since I told him my sisters and I used to do that growing up.  I read my devotional, forgot to on Saturday and Sunday so I'm a little behind...  While Luke finishes eating I get supper in the crockpot (chicken taco soup), put away dishes that had been in the drainer overnight, brush my teeth, switch the laundry, clean the toilet, and talk to Luke.  He might be a slow eater but I don't mind on mornings we aren't rushing out the door.

9:15am - Luke is playing.  I clean out my recipe binder and then make blueberry muffins.
9:55am - Muffins are halfway through baking, I talk with Luke and we play the Squirrel game (more on that coming...)
10:08am - Luke is back to playing on his own and I spot clean windows and mirrors (per my weekly cleaning schedule), clean the bathroom, and, for some reason, organize part of my gift stash.  Take the last load of laundry out of the dryer, peel/slice/core an apple for Luke, per his request, I eat a muffin.

10:40am - Scrub the tub.
10:55am - Read for a bit while Luke is using the bathroom.
11:10am - Fold socks/towels/rags/washcloths while Luke crawls over me, quite literally.

11:40am - Put away the just folded laundry, take some pictures for the blog, straighten up a few things, package ThredUp return to ship the next day.

12:12pm - Luke tells me he's "going to school" and that I'm going to "cry for real, with tears" (which will probably happen when he actually does go to school), which really just means he's going up and down the stairs with a backpack filled with toys.  I read.  Luke dumps out most of his downstairs toys and refuses to clean them up.  I supervise while finishing my book.
12:30pm - Wash muffin dishes while Luke, super slowly, picks up his mess.  Help him finish.
12:45pm - We eat lunch together.  I had leftovers (last bit of this) which is strange enough to have Luke question it.  It's probably been 2 years since I had leftovers for lunch.
1:25pm - Luke is down for quiet time which isn't all that quiet.  I make myself a snack and eat while reading.
1:40pm - I read on the couch and then check Instagram.  I hadn't been on in 3 days so it takes about 15 minutes.
2:45pm - On computer to sort & tag weekend pictures and then work on this blog post.
3:40pm - Go upstairs to get Luke.  He's still busy doing Duplos in his room so I leave the doors open while I try on some sweaters that were just delivered.  I take waaaaaaay longer debating this than I should.  I ask Luke for his opinion. "You look beautiful!".  Thank you, son.  Luke goes down to get his supercape and mask and tells me he's fighting the giant ants in our closet while I continue to debate clothes.  When done trying outfits I figure I might as well put on my PJ leggings and yoga pants...I did wear jeans most of the day...

4:15pm - Get Luke's room straightened up (Duplos picked up) and we go downstairs to play two rounds of the Squirrel game.  I sneak some dark chocolate macadamia nuts before playing.

5:05pm - Matt is home, with two computer monitors in tow...a lot of random computer stuff is in and our of our house...  I finished getting supper around while he changes.
5:20pm - We eat supper.  Luke actually eats without complaint! 
5:40pm - I wash the crockpot and supper dishes while Matt fills our (just collected) recycle bin with the LAST of our Christmas recycle.  Some of that will have sat in our garage for a month before we finally had space for it. #recyclingproblems.
5:55pm - We all go in the basement to do a little organizing (Matt and I) or hitting boards with a hammer (Luke).  We really are making progress down there, we really need a garage sale now to clear out a lot of stuff! Sister and I start texting about when we should have the garage sale (today I also made plans for April and May with that same sister...we're really into planning ahead today...).
6:25pm - All back upstairs for some Squirrel game (mine and Luke's 5th for the day) and then some Monkey in the Middle and random kicking of soccer balls.  Luke laughs a lot.
7:00pm - Matt supervises bathtime.  I work on computer - mostly blog work.
7:40pm - Luke, clean and shiny, is in my office to watch some old home videos with me.
7:47pm - Upstairs with Matt to say prayers and read a story.  Matt goes downstairs.  I lay with Luke for awhile then get him his requested "A bunch of Berenstain Bear books!".
8:10pm - I am back downstairs, brush teeth, work on this blog post (It's rather meta to be blogging about how I spent my day writing this very post...although it's easier to keep up with it throughout the day than all at once the next day when I've forgotten a lot of the details I didn't write down!)
8:25pm - Work on another blog post, take a 15 minute Facebook break (hadn't been on in a few days, a lot of scrolling...), blogging, up with Luke for a few minutes (he's still awake...).
9:39pm - Computers off to fold laundry together while watching two epsiodes of It's Always Sunny. (It's a sometimes funny show about horrible people.  Really, their general horribleness cannot be overstated...I wouldn't recommend yet we've been watching it forever so we keep watching new episodes.)
10:30pm - TV off, Matt showers, I get a few things ready to run errands the next day, put away my laundry, check on Luke and make sure he's covered up.
10:47pm - read in bed
11:17pm - Lights out, at least until my 3am alarm goes off to take someone to the bathroom.  Yay night training...
And that's our day!  Turned out to be another one at home.  My morning cleaning took longer than I would have liked but it's hard to focus on that when I want to give Luke attention too.  Fortunately, I do the bulk of my cleaning on Mondays so the rest of the week is a little lighter and we get more time to play together.

Even if you don't want to share with the internet, I highly recommend doing this from time to time!  It's so interesting to see where your time goes, how much time you spend on things, and how life changes.  It's been a lot of changes since I started doing these! 

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