Saturday, June 3, 2017

Book Love: Nothing to Prove

When I posted my review of Grace Not Perfection on Instagram, a dear friend recommended that I try this book, Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen.  I added it to my TBR (which is what I immediately do with almost every recommendation I receive).  I quickly found out that my library only had a digital copy on Overdrive, and not a paper version.  I put myself on that hold list and waited.

I rarely get through phone books as quickly as paper ones and this one was no exception.  While I enjoy the convenience of having a book with me at all times, it's just not the same for cozying up and reading one.  BUT, when I did pick it up I did greatly enjoy it.  (I know, a glowing start to this review.)

I thought this book would be similar to Grace, Not Perfection and Present Over Perfect, both of which encourage you to say no to obligations and give yourself grace to live in your present life.  I really enjoyed both of those books.

That is not what I got with this one but it was ok.  I think I maybe needed this lesson even more?  (I mean, my very open May calendar shows I have little problem saying "no" to things...and I like it like that.)

The subject of the book isn't that we have nothing to prove to others, but that we have nothing to prove to God.  There is nothing we can do to earn more of His love and grace.  He loves us no matter what.  We don't need to impress Him or fill our schedules to get His love.  It's already all there.  We should try to be good people and follow His commandments and all of that, obviously, but we can't do anything to earn more love.  It's just not possible.

My favorite parts of the book were when she put you right in Bible stories you may have heard hundreds of times but this time, seeing them as a participant.  The Wedding at Cana, when Jesus appeared to his apostles when they were having no luck fishing post-Resurrection, when Jesus gave sight to the blind man, when Lazurus died.

All stories we've probably heard and read.  But the way she presented them gave me a completely new perspective.  I could read a whole bunch of Bible stories like that, really getting immersed and trying to get inside the heads of these people who got to walk and talk with Jesus.  I've learned these lessons my whole life but it's still a little mind blowing that there were once people who walked, talked, ate, and lived life with Him.  How awesome is that?

This book was about loving Jesus and finding our way to Him.  A fantastic lesson and message.

I did not read the book I was expecting to read but somehow it was the book I needed, at the right moment.  Crazy how often that happens.  I think I would have gotten more out of it with a paper book but this worked too.  Highly recommend to anyone looking to improve or deepen their spiritual life!  It certainly helped mine.

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