Friday, June 2, 2017

Looking Back at May

We had a lot going on in May, with Matt's (project) week off, a family trip to Kings Island, celebrating our anniversary (11 years!), Mother's Day, finishing up the floor project (although we are still couch-less), wrapping up this stage of our bedroom remodel (after 6 weeks of having that torn up), and a long weekend at the lake.  It was busy and full and mostly pretty wonderful!  A lot of family time, a lot of project work, a lot of being outside.  I love this time of year!

1) At the end of our day at Kings Island, it was so much fun!
2) Just so worked out that we were driving home through Dayton exactly 12 years to the day after I had graduated so of course we stopped for a quick photo op in front of the chapel.
3) Family zoo trip!  We were there a few times this month!
4) We still do play the Squirrel Game, although not multiple times daily!  Also, that rug!
5) Anniversary trip to the drive-in!  One of our favorite places!
6) I mean, you just don't get that view inside a theater!
7) Mother's Day frozen coke.  I'm expensive to please (my husband would roll his eyes at that seeing how much we spent on rugs...)
8) We had May days warm enough for Luke to try out his new slip n slide!  (Although, definitely not warm enough for me to be getting wet!)
9) Luke has decided that he needs to run with me on my runs.  It slows me down but also a nice chance to catch my breath! (He only does 2ish blocks at a time before sitting in the stroller again.)
10) I FINALLY got to Lowes to buy and pot flowers for the yard.  So pretty...until I inevitably kill them.
11) Luke was delighted that we were "matchers" on the porch in bare feet.  I love that he still delights in matching us!
12) Sunset at the lake.  Ahhhh...I missed it.
13) Lake life.
14) Luke wanted to take some pictures to remember the lake when he misses it.  This is the shed, canoe/kayak rack, and fire chairs.  So memorable.
15) Driving the jet ski.  He was SO EXCITED about this.
16) Sunset in the countryside!

One of the benefits to having a blog is having so many of my favorite recipes easily accessible; I honestly use my own blog as a reference multiple times a week!  Here are past posts I've referenced and made last month:

Books finished: 14 for the month, 82 for the year.   
Things sewn:  Nothing!  I think I still have enough burb cloths that I don't need to sew again for awhile...
Miles ran:  37.03!  And registered for my first half marathon in the fall!  So the miles are going to be piling up!
Things added to the garage sale pile: 9 and the sale is DONE so hopefully that's it for awhile! (I made it less than 24 hours after the sale before I added something to the pile...)
Currently watching:  STILL rewatching season 4 of Hart of Dixie but almost done.  And Matt and I are on still on season 3 of Lost.
Most read post this month: 10 Things I Love About Our House
Luke's current favorite song: He keeps requesting "My favorite favorite" which means The Beach Boys "Surfin USA" which was a favorite of mine in childhood too. 

What were some of the highlights to your month?  Have to say, lake/jet ski season being here again was a pretty big one for us!

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