Monday, July 3, 2017

Mixed Drink Monday: Pineapple Mimosa

I like mimosas because they are delicious and super easy to throw together.  Since they also feature fruit juice, that makes them perfectly acceptable for morning drinking (if so desired).  I like frozen drinks, especially in the summer when it's hot (which it wasn't the weekend I made these) but there is also something super nice about a drink that is easy to throw together.

Even better when there are a whole THREE ingredients.  Could these get any easier?  No they could not.

I also happened to have an open bottle of champagne AND opened pineapple juice (in this case, fresh pineapple juice from one I had cut up and froze part of).  We were nearing the end of the month and I really like emptying out the fridge before a big grocery run.  It makes grocery shopping feel really needed instead of just "I don't like any of the food we have" (I get a strange satisfaction out of using up a whole bunch of things even though it then means I have to go to the store.)

So, not only was this drink easy to mix up it ALSO satisfied my "empty the entire fridge" urge that made me  especially happy to drink this.  It also helps that pineapple is one of my preferred flavors for the summer (right up there with coconut, in terms of drinks) so this was basically a perfect storm.

(And pineapples had, again, been on sale for 99 cents at Aldi the previous week so I had one sitting around for a prop...I don't want to admit how many pictures I've taken lately with a pineapple as a've been warned because a lot of them are probably showing up here in the coming weeks.  Also, this pineapple was particularly delicious once it was cut up and we ate it.)

You don't have to want to clean out your fridge to make this but it's a nice change from the usual OJ and champagne mimosa and feels extra festive for summer!

Pineapple Mimosa
yield: one drink
-1/3 cup champagne or sparkling wine
-1/3 cup pineapple juice
-1/3 cup Sprite or ginger ale
-ice or frozen pineapple (optional)

Stir together the champagne and pineapple juice in a glass.  Top off with Sprite or ginger ale, adding some ice or frozen pineapple if desired!

Best enjoyed next to the water, under a coconut tree, in the sun...or even the porch on a rainy day works too!  (We're not picky here.)

source: modified from Blackberry Babe

In the summer I aim to make a new drink every week and share them all here, good or bad!  See them all in chronological order by following the "Mixed Drink Monday" tag here or check out my favorites by scrolling down to "Mixed Drink Monday" on my recipes page!  

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