Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Fall/Winter Clothes List - 2017/2018

I've really enjoyed making these lists twice a year because not only do they help hold me accountable but also because it makes me really think about what clothes I "need" to add to my closet.  I've gotten A LOT better about shopping less over the last 6 months and that makes these lists even easier to make!

Deciding what clothes items I am looking for, finding those holes in my closet, before I head out shopping (or, let's be real, start searching on the internet), helps me shop less, impulse buy much less.  For the first time in the years we've been doing it, I have excess allowance money to spend!  It's so exciting!

I highly recommend the whole "let's have the internet hold me accountable even though nobody else really has a vested interest in what I buy" plan.  It really has helped me, slowly but surely.

I'm going to mention ThredUp a lot because it's my favorite place to shop, finding higher quality items for Target/Old Navy prices.  Just a heads up, here's my original post about them last year.

Starting with what I planned to buy for this spring/summer (as posted here):

1) 2-3 Tank Tops 

All ThredUp buys, all blue...I have a bit of a theme...

2) 2-3 v or scoop neck t-shirts
Target, ThredUp, ThredUp.  Wasn't sure about the Target one at first and then I wore it pretty much every laundry cycle and may have just bought another color on clearance.

3) Navy Wedges
I was doubtful that I would find some of these...and I didn't.  They'll be on the list again next year!

4) A sundress

I posted about this one back in July, it's so super comfy and I LOVE the color.  Wore it to my sister's wedding rehearsal!

5) A white crew-neck short sleeved with navy stripes

I listed this one above too.  ThredUp purchase, actually wearing it as I type this!!  Was really excited about this purchase because it filled a nice hole in my closet!

As for the things I didn't plan to buy but did anyways...down to 7!!  Last season it was 14 so major progress!!

Sleeveless sundress | Mossimo Ona flats | Mossimo Lina sandals | navy lace shirt (ThredUp, I have the exact same one in white!)

Navy tank (ThredUp) | Chuck Taylor Shorelines | Blue short sleeved (ThredUp)

I am seriously proud of myself for only buying 7 extra items (and one of those was actually a birthday gift so...only half counts.)

Now for fall/winter 2017-2018:

1) Grey Jeans

I've tried a few pairs, haven't found any that fit right yet.  Eying these Rockstars from Old Navy because I've had good luck with those in the past (wearing a pair right now!)

2) Tan Sweater

I bought one on impulse from Old Navy last year but it shrunk enough by the end of winter that I am looking to replace it.  I may have already bought this one from ThredUp (it was $7) but also open to another one, in a more caramel color?

3) Grey Sweater

Another replacement for a Gap one that only lasted 2 winters.   Also already bought this one from ThredUp...

4) Black, closed-toe heels

 I tossed my only pair after wearing them 12 hours straight for a wedding and barely being able to walk by the end.  I decided they needed replaced. 

5) Stretchy Jeans

Another replacement item, I like having a pair I can fit leggings under for added winter warmth and my current pair is SUPER close to wearing through in the knees.  I don't think they will last the season.

6) 2ish Sweaters
Because I just know it's going to happen.  Thank you, Old Navy Black Friday sale.

That's it!!  Every season I get a little better at sticking to my list and hope I can keep it up!  Also, adding in some extra sweaters at the end helps a little....

Have you tried this shopping list method or are you more of the "I buy whatever catches my eye?" shopper?  I'm so curious about how others fill their closets!

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