Friday, September 22, 2017

Senses of Fall

It's fall!  And every new season brings a new round of things to smell, taste, hear, see, and touch.  Fall might be the prettiest season?  Although I'd probably say that at the start of every season...

This completes my little mini series on the senses of the seasons!  Maybe I'll keep doing them, I am a creature of routine.  But, also, I like routine as in, I like pretty much the same things, season after season.  So as with everything on this blog, we'll see!!

1) Smell

Cinnamon is perfect for all fall (still enjoying some of this ice cream!) but we are also burning through some summer candles too, which is throwing off the whole fall immersion thing a little.  (This one looks fall-ish but it's pineapple.)

2) Taste

A lot of this toast, these muffins almost daily (carb loading to offset all this running...).   Itching a bit to get to our "fall" meals, the crockpot is best used in the fall!

3) Hearing
A lot of music from The OC (such a good show) which just feels fall-ish to me?  Also, a lot of The Sound of Music soundtrack lately.  Those two are so completely unrelated.  And proof I have more than late 90s boybands on my phone.  

4) Sight
We are getting so close to the fall colors!  So close!   On our runs I see a few trees starting to turn and Luke points out every single one.  He knows I like the "pretty trees"!

5) Touch 

Layers, that lovely crisp fall chill in the air.  This throw, is wonderful.  We haven't put a blanket on the bed yet so when if I wake up chilly in the middle of the night I pull this on top of the sheet and it's the perfect weight and so cozy.

What are the senses surrounding you this season?

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