Friday, May 18, 2018

{5} Podcast Episodes That Might be Worth Listening To

I started listening to podcasts almost 2 years ago and since there's been very few weekdays that I haven't listened to at least part of an episode.  I listen to them while working out, getting around, doing housework (when Luke isn't around), and those super rare times I am in the car alone (maybe once a week). 

I've recommended {5} Episodes both here and here.  My five favorite shows (at the time) (And I still listen to them all!) here.  And more about how I multitask with podcasts here

1) 3 in 30 Takeways for Moms #23: How to Stop Looking at Your Phone so Much - and Why it Matters.
A baby's brain does so much developing in their first 3 years of life and it's amazing how just looking at them can change that!  This episode had a psychologist (maybe?  A really smart person who has studied this) talk about how it affects how our kids grow and develop when we are constantly staring at our phones.  Ranting at how people need to stay off their phones when they are around other people is one of my favorite soap box issues (not that I'm perfect about it either) and this was great inspiration for staying off it around my kids too.  I currently spend many hours a day feeding a baby.  It gets boring.  It's very tempting to pick up my phone.  Or watch a movie.  Or do some work one handed.  But after listening I'm much more likely to turn on a podcast or audiobook so I can actually look at Sam while he eats.  (And a reminder to put down your phone around your bigger kids never hurts either).  This was a fantastic listen.

2) The Next Right Things #34 : Pick What You Like
Sometimes you don't know what to do next, there are too many choices.  And sometimes we have to do the hard stuff but sometimes, when you don't know what to do next, just pick what you like.  Decision fatigue is a real thing (see below) and I'm all about reducing it in my life.  So that's why I default to almost anything in blue.  Or the flowers I've bought every previous year.  And so on.  When you don't know what to do next, but need to do something, pick what you like.  

3) The Read-Aloud Revival #87: Books to Celebrate Your Adopted Child with Brooke Cooney
Obvious to see the appeal to this for me!  I had heard of many of these but hadn't thought of them as "adoption" books and it was so inspiring to have so many new ones to read!  Definitely worth a listen if you've adopted or even if you just want to introduce a kid to the whole idea!

4) The Nuanced Life April 24th: Decision Fatigue with Anne Bogel
More decision fatigue talk, with specific ways to avoid it.  Anne Bogel is one of my favorite podcasters already and I love reading her bookish thoughts on Modern Mrs. Darcy.  This was less bookish but still inspiring for practical ways to make decisions easier in your every day life.  This is a very worthwhile listen!

5) The Daily April 18th: Professional Cheerleader
We barely watch sports around here, pretty much just the Olympics and the Superbowl.  I've been to one NFL game, almost 10 years ago.  I have very few thoughts on the whole thing.  BUT I still found this interview with a former NFL cheerleader so interesting.  They are treated much different from the players that they are supposedly supporting and it was just a really fascinating listen.

Have YOU listened to anything great lately?  I'm always looking to fill up my podcast feed!

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