Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Our Summer Fun List

Summer is officially here, according to me and probably most people?  Does anyone actually go by what the calendar says (June 21st-ish?).  I say Memorial Day - Labor Day and that's been our markers since we were last in school...twelve years ago.  I don't even want to think about what school is going to do to our summer next year.  I am in major denial over it taking half (more than!) of August.  (Hold me while I sob.)

BUT, for now, it's summer and it's wonderful.  We often go into summer with a general sense of what we want to do and fun things we want to work into the schedule but then somehow Labor Day weekend gets here without all those things getting done.  We do a lot more than just sit at home in the summer but having a little more intention to our days isn't a bad thing!

I'm all about a good to-do or project list (another post coming about that on Thursday) and after reading Laura Vanderkam's recent post on her summer fun list I was inspired to make our own and make it visible.

Very visible.

I had asked Luke what fun things he wanted to do this summer.  I think he said "Play with Lemur".  Which isn't quite what I was going for, also, something he does constantly anyways.

I asked Matt what he wanted to do this summer.  He was more helpful (the lake and downtown bike rides) but also things that were already on my list (and pretty much 100% guaranteed to happen).

So on a Saturday morning while Matt was busy doing something actually needed around the house (or at least needed to get our current projects wrapped up), I sat down and made a list on craft paper and hung it in the kitchen.

Our list
DUH (I didn't need to write this one down but I like being able to cross things off.)

At the lake, we have two kayaks and Luke rides along with one of us.  We've done them every summer but not as much as jet ski so up on the list it went (so another easy check-off).

TinCaps Game
Our local minor league baseball team.  We usually do a few games a summer but it's always fun.  Luke got his super loved Lemur at one!

Bike Ride Downtown
For ice cream (we stopped at a local place on my birthday last year)
For supper (again, happened on my birthday last year)
To the downtown library (which we do about once a month.  I like easy check-offs!)

Luke loves these and a great lake activity.  And cheap.

Back when I worked and got done at 1 on Fridays, I'd do "walking errands" every Friday afternoon, including the library, and often the meat market and liquor store, always ending at the sno-cone stand a few blocks away.  I've done this SO FEW times with Luke and I know he'd love it.

Drive-In with Luke
Matt and I already went for our anniversary date but we have plans to take Luke at least once.  We LOVE the drive-in (here, here).

Kid Movie Series
Regal has one but no local locations, hoping Carmike does theirs again?  Luke is finally a good age for this!

Picnic Breakfast
We frequently eat lunch and supper outside but have never done breakfast.  I think Luke would love it.

Host BBQ
We were really good about this two summers ago and then...didn't last year.  We have people in mind it's just finding free weekends!  And available people!

Pool Day
Last year we joined my sister and her kids at their local pool and it was a fun day.  Hoping to do the same this year!

Evening Zoo Trip
Our zoo does extended hours Memorial Day - Labor Day and those are our favorite times to go with Matt, meeting him there straight from work.  It's usually cooler and the (lack of) crowds are great!

Summer Reading Program
I did this every year at the library when I was a kid and we've done it with Luke every year since he was 1!  We read a lot but extra when there are prizes!  (Half Price Books has one too.)

Pick Strawberries
The berry season is short and fresh ones are the best.  My friend's parents have a U-Pick farm nearby and we try to pick there every year!

Pick Blueberries
Considering how much I LOVE fresh blueberries I've been really bad about this, not having done it the last two summers.  I really want to this year, especially because Luke might be helpful?
What's on YOUR summer list?  Gotta make the most of the best time of year!

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