Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Brain Dump

1) Yesterday was our first full day home all week (other than going with the husband to pick up our car from the mechanics...only like 6 months overdue for an oil change...) and it was awesome.  I spent the morning trying to do an also long overdue cleanout of our file cabinet, between playing and tending to Luke.  These are things that happen while I am doing massive amounts of shredding:

Me: "Luke, how did you do that??"
Luke: "I spit."

We have a stinker.  And thank goodness for magic erasers.  They really are magic.

2) For Luke's storytime last night Matt picked The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room to read. I got a few eye rolls when I told him how much I always loved the organized after in their room.  Look at that!  And the pegboard of toys on the page before...sigh.  it's lovely.

3) During my massive file cabinet clean-out (going against my "little bit at a time so it's never a big job" motto), I decided we could finally get rid of all Luke's NICU and assorted follow-up EOBs. I told Matt it looks like the most paperwork intensive part of the adoption wasn't all the forms we filled out and gathered but all the insurance stuff that came after.  Turns out they were exactly the same number of pages.  89.  How weird is that? 

4)  Luke and I went to Target on Monday and "shared" a Jamba Juice.  I've mentioned my Jamba Juice love many times on here (like here, here, here, here, here, here, here).  We only buy them at Target when we have a coupon PLUS there was a Cartwheel deal this week too.  My sweet little boy knows all about them though and thinks it's just for him.  I ask him to share with Mommy and I get a "no".  He wants to hold it the whole time and calls it "treat" and "yummy".  He's only had them two other times (last trip before surgery and first trip after) but has gotten hooked.  As my little sister and I discussed when I was telling her this story, DUH.  They are delicious (although Target ones don't compare to the real thing).

5) Speaking of Jamba Juice...I made some at home for Matt and I last weekend but we were short on pineapple juice.  Pineapple rum is an acceptable 1:1 substitution, right??

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