Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Blog Roll

Months ago I posted about how I limit my social media time.  That is true.  I still follow that same schedule most days (if it takes me 24 hours to reply to anything on Facebook or Instagram, that's why).  But blogs, those are a different story.  I use Feedly to check my blog roll multiple times a day,  usually while doing my cool down on the exercise bike or, honestly, in the bathroom. 

When I put this list together I realized it looks like a lot.  It is quite a few BUT not all of these post every day or even every week.  I don't read every post necessarily and most can be read in a few minutes at most.  I like to think I get more out of blog reading than mindless social media browsing?  That is probably not always true, but it makes me feel a little better.

Mama Needs Coffee
A Mama of 4 young ones blogging about parenting, struggles of having a lot of little ones, with a nice dose of church teaching and thoughts.  I don't know if I should admit to how much I've learned about Catholic teachings from here, especially considering my 17 years of Catholic education.

Held my His Pierced Hands
Blog of a "hobo missionary" who blogs about loving God and sharing that love with others and keeping God as the most important.  She makes me want to be a better person, Catholic and gives ideas for how to do so.

Sancta Nomina
All about names, specifically Catholic ones although she can make almost any name "be Catholic".  We are really set on our next boy name but have no idea on girls...this is given me a lot of potentials (mostly for Matt just to reject, but it's a start).

Home + Decorating
A Kalio Chic Life  /  Instagram
A recent find on Instagram who has great styling (I'd love her wall of built ins!).  She posts a lot of simple crafts, many holiday related, and some recipes and decorating as well.  I haven't made anything yet but some nice inspiration.
The DIY Playbook  /  Instagram
My new favorite home improvement/decorating blog now that YHL is mostly retired.  Two best friends in the Chicago area, they post about home improvement decorating, crafts, organizing, some lifestyle things, and Chicago tips and recs.  Their decorating game is on point.  I wish I could style as well as they can. 

I Heart Organizing  /  Instagram
I heart organizing too and this is more than just organizing.  I think I'm organized until I look at her stuff...yeah I'm not at all in comparison!  She labels and makes everything so pretty and colorful.  Definite inspiration.  Also decorating and home improvement things. 

Young House Love  /  Instagram
The dearly, mostly departed, YHL.  They only blog, maybe, once a month after their semi-retirement over a year ago.  They have earned their spot in my Feedly just for that rare chance when they do.  I don't want to admit to how often I've gotten sucked in their archives lately, thanks to Pinterest.  So many good home improvement, home decorating, house cleaning/simplifying ideas. 

Go Fug Yourself
I most definitely don't read every post that comes through, probably not even half (it's at least 10 each weekday) but there is still plenty of interesting things.  Celebrity fashion and I've learned a lot, surprisingly.  Also, weekly royal round-ups which is great for following the royals with little work.

Hi Sugarplum!  /  Instagram 
This one is mostly fashion with some home and decorating thrown in.  It's fashion that is generally out of my price range (I didn't know anyone who shopped at Nordstrom until I found fashion bloggers) but good style posts that I can try to recreate with my Target/Old Navy wardrobe.  She's given me confidence to try some different things (there are a lot of reasons I'm not a fashion blogger, people).

Merrick's Art  /  Instagram 
Another fairly recent find.  I certainly don't have the same fashion budget or the sewing ability (she makes much of her own clothes!) but still a lot of good inspiration.  I bought the sandals here because of her!

Putting Me Together  /  Instagram 
My favorite fashion blog.  She lives in San Diego so not so much help with winter stuff but I've learned a lot about having a mixable wardrobe from her.  There are posts (like this series on Building a Remixable Wardrobe) that I've read multiple times and I love the mini capsules she does. 

Style on Target  /  Instagram
I've admitted that most (basically all) my clothes is from Target or Old Navy.  And this blogger has similar tastes - she wears one things every day from Target.  I'm pretty sure I do the same, unintentionally (today's: the exact green shirt linked here, jeans, and sweatshirt).  This blog helps me find too many great things at Target, basically taking away my need to browse either in store or online.  I know that's slightly dangerous. 
What Kate Wore
All about the fashion of the Duchess formerly known as Kate Middleton.  I obviously cannot afford anything every linked here but I do have a fascination with the royals, Kate in particular. 

Annie's Eats  /  Instagram
The first blog I ever started following, 6+ years ago now.  She's gotten a little fancier in the last few years and certainly seems to eat healthier than we do on our best days but still my go-to for cupcakes, bread, and basically any staples I want to make from scratch.  We had one of her dinner recipes tonight!

A Beautiful Mess
Written by my sister-in-law's best friend and featuring her adorable kids (she has a daughter just a few days older than Luke, wished we lived close so they could be buddies!), she posts a lot of great recipes, sweet (which I like best) or healthy (I guess we need to eat those too).  Her baklava is my new favorite Christmas treat and I've had offers to trade babysitting just for some babka.  Everything I've made from her blog has been a winner. 

Mel's Kitchen Cafe  /  Instagram
A recent find but I've already made a few of her recipes and they have all been great.  I needed more food blogs to follow and this has been a winner so far.

Everyday Reading  /  Instagram
Mama to three and former librarian.  I get a lot of my kid book recommendations from her.  She blogs some about adult/YA books too and it seems we have similar tastes so I've found a few for me to read too.  Also some recipes and other lifestyle type things.  I am always interested in good book recommendations!

Robin Jones Gunn  /  Instagram
Blog for one of my all-time favorite authors.  She write Christian Fiction and I've been reading her stuff since I was 12.  Basically forever. 

Under the Sycamore  /  Instagram
Fantastic photography.  Makes me want a DSLR even more!  Haha.  Mama to 5, one of those adopted, and home schools.  She posts about photography things and treasuring the stage your kids are in now.  Just some good, basic advice.

All Things Target
Ways to save money at my favorite store.  This is also dangerous because sometimes I don't need people finding me more things to buy there!  But very helpful for pointing out great deals, many of which we've taken advantage of (necessities like diapers and cereal)

Seeing as you are reading my blog, I'm guessing there are others you follow as well.  Let me know some good ones I'm missing out on!

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